November 13, 2006

The Hay is in The Barn

Or so they say....

12 miles today. Was my final long run before next week. It seems silly to say "long run" for 12 miles. But considering where I was 2 months ago, I'm extremely happy about how far I've come.

I also ran it in 10:41 pace. With water stops. Battery change on my mp3 player. More water. And I was never "pushing it".

Which means that after next Thursday I must step it up. (Troy: for the record even though I don' t like it when you say to step it up, I feel it is completely okay for me to say it in this context. Ya, I know it's wrong....)

So, my new deal with myself is to shave 5 minutes off of my 5k time, 15 minutes off of my 1/2 time, and 30 minutes off of my marathon time. I feel like it is completely doable. I never thought that it was possible.

Really. When all of this started I said I would just always be happy with finishing. I felt that once I started to get concerned with times I would lose my motivation and interest and get fat. Or something like that. But it's funny how running the easiest 12 miles of my life, and running 4 miles of them with nothing but my thoughts to keep me entertained, will make you start to think about how EASY all of this has been. In the grand scheme of things. I mean really. All I did was lace up my shoes and never give up. Even when I wanted to. I wish I could remember which RBFer said "the runs that you don't want to do are the ones you should do" but thanks. Cause I think about it all the time. I thought about it today. When I was driving to the gym. And thinking about 2+ hours of running. And that i really just wanted to take a nap. And that I had not brought appropriate attire (it was hot, i had long sleeves). But I thought about that comment and just did it.

I thought alot today about the beginning. About how Troy and I ran the very same 4 miles that I ran over today. And how we (I) ran it in 54 minutes. And I was happy. Cause I finished. Today I finished that 4 miles in less than 40 minutes. For real. In one year, plus one torn tendon, plus one broken foot, plus one marathon under my belt, plus one fabulous boyfriend later I have shaved 14 minutes off of my first run. I also thought about how much my lungs used to hurt. How I used to think about what I thought my lungs might look like after smoking. And that the pain that I felt was pay back. For almost killing myself. And today? I can't remember the last time my "lungs" hurt. I guess pay back is over. And I thought about hard it was to think about running 12 miles, it was much easier to just run them. Sure, I had a little pain here or there, but really it's all been easy. And fun.

And something that I will never ever take for granted. Or quit. Ever.

And with that, I finished my 12 miles. And really wanted to run 13.1. Just so I could see what my time might look like next week. But when I stopped for a sip of water i realized that I had no more, and thought it might be a sign (ya, I'm goofy llike that) to not push it. So, I stopped.

And thought "the hay is in the barn" (quote taken from Jim...thanks).

Some of the other random things about today's run: I ran past the same 2 older gentlemen three times. finally on the last past, as they looked at me like a crazy woman i said "only 8 more miles to go" and kept on running. i got a high five from some random first sgt out there motivating his troops. i ran past countless guys/gals in their official pt gear...walking. i felt like i needed some body glide on my butt (that was for jeff). my shins never hurt. ever. when i went back in the gym to get some gatorade the girl behind the counter said "have a good workout"...i guess i didn't look like i had just run 12 miles! i took 2 hours of leave so that i could run during the day. i love my job that way. i think that's it.

hope everyone has a great running week. t minus 9 days and counting....


Jim said...

You have to be so pumped. The trick now is to try to keep from "cramming" over the next 9 days. As you said . . . the hay is in the barn. Don't blow it by trying to squeeze in extra junk miles. Stick to your schedule. Taper. Be smart. You've done a marathon so you know what to do.

Kurt said...

Your right, no more hard training, you only risk injury at this point if you push it.

Those are good goals to reach for your new times. Think Hills and track work outs! We will get you faster!

Firefly's Running said...

AWESOME JOB!! Way to go!

Susan said...

Great job. My motto is: Stop when you need to stop and then stop some more. It's no wonder I'm slow.

jeff said...

yay for bodyglide on the butt! haha...we have like this gross-out competition going on. let's see what disgusting body function i can come up with next! heh