November 11, 2006

First I'd Like to Thank My Shoes

Today I ran. Not because it was on the schedule. Not because I was behind on my schedule. Not because I knew I'd miss another training day and needed to pre-make it up. Nope.

I ran because I woke up in a bad mood and I thought (knew) that it would make me feel better.

Never done that before.

And it worked. And I did a 3 mile trail run, on a trail I had never been on. And it was FUN.
Some guy I passed (twice!) said on my last pass "you're not even breathing heavy." I just said "thanks."

In other unrelated "firsts", I came home last night, washed my face, brushed my teeth, and went to bed WITHOUT taking my contacts out. Somewhere between the 2 cosmopolitans and laying my head on the pillow, I thought it was a good idea to keep them in. Or that's what I'm telling myself. Probably explains why I woke up in a bad mood, huh?

Monday is 12 miles, and my last "long" run before the 1/2 on Turkey Day.

Hope everyone has a great Veteran's Day. Remember them today, okay? They are why we are here.

Happy trails!


jeff said...

as a veteran, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Awesome run!! That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes that's the best reason to head out on a run. Sounds like yours was great!

Troy Tarpley said...

Are you sure that's why you were in a bad mood? Nonetheless, if it helped we're all glad. hehe

Kurt said...

Good way to deal with the mood!