October 28, 2006

What do Dean Karnazes, Sam Thompson, and Me have in common?

Give up???

Well, we were all in the same room yesterday...and I actually have the pics to prove it. But more on that later...

It has been a busy running week for me. I haven't finished my 16 miles yet like I had promised myself, but I'm 7.4 miles short and scheduled for 8 tomorrow, so I will actually come in ahead this week.

This a whirlwind of a post, and will prolly be quite lengthy, but it is ALL dedicated to running, and accordingly my running life (or week as this is the case).

So, where to begin?

Well, we did our AF PT test on Wednesday. I came in 2nd on the 1.5mile with 13:46. There were 7 of us that participated. I wasn't totally disappointed, but slightly as all the "40-somethings" came in just a few seconds behind me. Note to self: I have got to get faster!

On Friday, I (and Troy) took the day off. Why you ask? So that we could drive to Atlanta in the pouring rain to stand in downtown Atlanta in the pouring rain so that we could cheer Dean Karnazes and the Endurance 50 in on his 41st marathon in 41 days. In 41 states. I know you have all heard about it, but just in case you've been living under a rock for the last 41 days here's the link (Endurance50). It was super cool to see him and 50 of his new friends (or friends for 4 hours or so) running in the pouring rain. I am going to guess that there were about 20 of us, including friends and family, cheering them in. He looked like he had just gotten off the bus, and not just ran for 4 hours (and did I mention it was pouring rain?) T and I cheered each and everyone of the runners in (or at least we think we did...they had no way of knowing until later if everyone finished or not). We then went to Underground Atlanta for the after-party. There were about 70 of us crammed into the little building that shelters the escalators, but we didn't care cause we were going to shake hands with one of the coolest people ever (or at least I think so...commercialized and all, he's still cool). His kids were there running around. I don't know if they realize how lucky they are or not...but I'm sure if they haven't figured it out yet, they will sooner or later.

The route that they ran is what will be the GA ING Marathon (clickhere) held in March 2007. Dean got a little beat up as he fell somewhere out there...I think his blog says that he lost a toenail...yuck. It was all very cool and Troy bought his book and got it autographed and i got some race bibs autographed for some co-workers. We got our pic taken and felt all star struck for a few minutes. He wrote inside the book:

"Amy & Troy,

keep on running, together.



And funny we were driving up there Troy and I were talking about Sam Thompson (clickhere) who was the original guy to do 50 in 50 in 50. He did to raise money for the Hurricane Relief effort, as he is a native of the Bay St Louis area. His family was his SAG, and he had no sponsors. Anyway, we were discussing if he was resentful of Dean for getting so much publicity. And as luck would have it, Sam was there. And ran #41 with Dean. We got to meet him and Troy took our pic together. He was a really cool, humble guy. He said Dean ran a few of the marathons with him and he was running a few with Dean, but that he was back in Bay St Louis still helping rebuild and that that was his main focus now. He was very cool. Check out his website above for more info on him.

Okay, so that was Friday. Oh, I forgot about Thursday. I volunteered for my first ever cross country meet. The local highschools were having the meet, and one of the coaches belongs to our local running club and the call went out, so off i went. Not really sure what I was going to do, or see. It was a very cool experience. I didn't do this stuff in highschool so to see all these kids running around, warming up it just made me wish that i had of gotten myself involved with this along time ago. My basic job was to steer them around a fence because sometimes they went the wrong way. After standing there for an hour, it was beyond me how anyone could not know to run around the fence. But, kudos for me, because not one kid got lost. It was 5k loop and the first place male finisher ran it in something like 17:30 and the first place female finisher ran it in around 19:00. What they have to put in to get those kind of results makes me wonder why I ever complain. They amazed and inspired me. Which is exactly what i had hoped to get out of it. I'm going back next week!!

So, that was Thursday...and Friday...

Well, today Troy and I ran the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure (clickhere) and I she pats herself on the back....28:52. Which is awesome for me. I don't think I've ever run less than a 10 min mile. And I ran the whole time. I am really proud of myself. I have to give Troy alot of the credit, as once again he ran right along side of me. He could have finished alot faster than that, but he stuck it out with me. Motivated me. Made me want to run faster. And made me want to not stop. Thanks Troy for all you do everyday! It was a fun little race right down the street from where we live. But the very very very best part of it (I know! Like a PR wasn't enough) is that my Dad, my sister, and my nephew came to cheer us on. I asked them several days ago, and even made a bet with Troy this morning that they wouldn't show up. But they did. And it was awesome! It was awesome to be looking for them at the finish line. And it was awesome to just know that they were there. I guess all that venting I did around my birthday (clickhere) paid off. They were really interested in coming to see, even despite the fact that my sister stayed out until 2am with her girlfriends! It meant alot to PR today, it meant alot for Troy to stick by me, but it meant a ton that they showed up and cheered us on!

And after the race my dad starts talking about how just a few years ago he would walk 3 miles every morning, and that he averaged a 12 minute mile. And how he wants to get back into that. He just quit smoking (yahoo!) and now he's gaining weight (bummer), but in his words "since your brother is into cycling and you are into this, I want to do something with you guys". So, I told him about Jeff Galloway and emailed him the website address and am sending him a copy of one of his books. My dad is 63. Wouldn't it be so cool if he too ran a marathon??? Now I'm probably getting my hopes up too much, but it just feels good that he recognizes what we do and how good it is for us on so many levels, and that he too wants to do it!

So, very very busy week!!!! But a good busy!!!

8 miles tomorrow!


Phil said...

A PR so soon after your foot injury is fantastic Amy. Congratulations.

And I can imagine that you were to only people who drove all the way from Macon to Atlanta to watch some finish a marathon in the rain. You go girl!

Running by.... said...

Wow! Congrats on the PR and for possibly inspiring your dad. That would be way cool! Very neat that you got to meet Dean Karnazes too--that dude is just crazy (in a good way).

jeff said...

all the stuff about dean and the cross country event pale in comparison to your bit about your family showing up to the race. you've mentioned just how much of a disconnect you have with family over your running and that must have been a HUGE deal for you. i'm so excited for you and for your dad. best wishes on capitalizing on the moment. and tell t that he totaly rocks. i mean totaly.

John said...

I'm glad your fam was there to cheer you on. Haven't seen Pete in a couple of years, he's so grown!

They also did a 5k on Saturday morning in Centerville, part of it ran through our neigborhood. I was out and about, saw them running, and thought about you.