October 16, 2006

I should delete that last post

Because after I wrote it, I ventured over to others blogs and realized that it must be something in the air. Like the way the moon aligns with the sun or the way Prince Bourgeise still hasn't kicked off the Texas princess off of the Bachelor. Something strange is going on. And I think it's called being busy.

But why?

Why so much to do? And so not enough time? Why the constant quest to do anything and everything? Like right now? Or better yet, yesterday?

Maybe if we all spaced things out, we would be less busy. Maybe if I got TiVo I would get more accomplished. (Note: that is a consideration for a grrrrreeeat Christmas gift). Maybe if I realized that my life was not going to end in the near future and that I actually have a whole lot of time to get this stuff done, I could actually...I don't know...maybe, GET SOME STUFF DONE!

Or not. I might actually get some not-stuff done. Like not watering the flowers, but rather lying in the hammock and looking up at the trees. Like not not doing an extra set of squats, but rather expending that energy on climbing a mountain (or maybe just a really really big rock). Like not staying at work late (and yes, people it DOES happen), but rather staying at home...for the whole day...with nothing planned.

It all sounds good. And not so practical.

But, like I heard Dave Ramsey say to a caller today: "Let's get down to the real root of her problem" He wasn't talking about me, but rather some girls co-dependent mother. It turns out the real root of her problem was the divorce 10 plus years ago that she just can't shake. But, we are talking about me. And what is my real root problem?

I think it is the lack of running. When I run I think. Mostly about running. How fast I'm going, how slow I'm going, how I hope that certain people drive by and see me running, how good I'm going to feel later, how good my blog post will be when i get home, how truly accomplished I think I am.

And, hello....when I think out there, I don't waste my time in here thinking about all the crap I should/would/could have done if I wasn't thinking so dang much.

It's almost like I kill 2 birds with one stone (not that I would even kill one bird...but that's a totally different story).

Okay, so now I know what my root problem is:


So, how do I fix this?

If I used the Operational Risk Management Matrix to problem solving I would...well, I would be a total nerd...but then again, if you knew wouldn't put it past me to make a matrix on how I'm going to throw on a singlet and lace my tennis shoes up...really, you wouldn't.

But to be more simplified, I need a PLAN. (and those who know me, know I LOVE a good plan.)

So, right here right now. I'm making a plan. And I'm going to put it in this blog. So that all the world can see what I have to do. And therefore, I hope that I will become more accountable. No, I WILL become more accountable. So....with much trepidation, here I go.

OH, I guess I should tell you that the plan is from now until the 1/2 on Turkey Day.

You know what...I started doing that and realized that I have too many days, so I'll just put weekly totals since you can see that with my handy dandy calculator from

10.21 13mi

10.28 16mi

11.04 20mi

11.11 21mi

11.18 20mi

11.23 8mi + 13.1

It's not much, but it's what I've got right now.

So, hold me accountable. Ask where I'm at. Ask why I'm not blogging. Tell me to suck it up buttercup. Tell me to grow some. Tell me to get over it.


Phil said...

Amy .. it might not look like many miles, but after what you've been through it is very impressive. You are improving and getting stronger. I hope you have a great week.

John said...

Ah, but I know you... you don't just need a plan... you need a plan, and a checklist, and some metrics to track, and then maybe some resulting charts. Whaddaya think?

jeff said...

ah...much better post. and you gave the site a shout. i'm a happy reader now!