October 17, 2006

How Amy Got her Groove Back

So, I have a secret to fess up to….remember all that ranting and raving that I’ve been doing lately about being so busy and not getting to work out, much less run???


you see my company provides me a free gym membership…

to the gym that is in my building…

that I have an automatic membership to…

oh, and by the way, my company gives me 3 free hours a week to go work out.


They pay me to go to the gym.

But, in my defense, the new gym in my building opened while I was in Mississucky. But I still had all the other perks…I just had to get off of my behind and actually drive 5 miles to the gym on the other side of the base. That’s all.

At any rate, the new gym ROCKS! And I know that because I went today. At 10:00am. Are you jealous? Oh, and I ran. I mean I RAN!!!!! 3 miles. Which on the 1/10 mi track meant that I had to run around it 30 times. And guess what? I did. And now I’m known as the “girl that runs 30 times around the track”. And that is a good thing. Because now I have to uphold the honor of being dubbed “that girl”. And I still had time to shower, and sit at my desk and eat my fabulous lunch of turkey sandwich, raw veggies and an apple. Oh, and more importantly I had time to post this.

Your next question should be “Amy, I know you get an hour free for working out, and an hour for lunch…so how come you have so much time left over??”

Well, I’m not braggin or anything...but it is because I ran those 3 miles in 29:54. And that wasn’t a typo. I ran 3 miles in less than 30 minutes! I HAVE NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE. And I know. I was running on a track. But hey, guys, I’ve done that before. And I didn’t do it at no stinkin 9:58 pace.

So, what does all of this mean?

Amy got her groove back.

(Oh, and my big mouth got me in trouble again. Thursday when I go back to pick up another hour of free work out time….well, let’s just say I’m glad that I can count to 40…)

Happy Running! Cause I know I am!


Anonymous said...

sweet. welcome back! :o)

Anonymous said...

i'm just getting reaquainted bc i thought you weren' posting anymore!!

i think the fall is definitely a univeral time where people get busy!

and you have been getting busy! busy running!!! kick ass girl!

Anne said...

Glad everything's so groovy with you. I'm discovering that a long time off from running actually improves your short-run times too. Guess I'll have to race you to the next start!

Firefly's Running said...

YAYYYYYY! Way to go!

Kurt said...

Becareful about doing those little laps. You will be putting a lot of strain on the knee as your in a constant turn.

Still always great to be paid to work out!

Jim said...

Welcome back and good for Amy in getting her groove back!

3 miles . . . good. 4 miles better. 26.2 miles . . . better get that bottom side in gear!

Happy running back at you!

Troy Tarpley said...

Yeah Amy, get your bottom side moving. I'll be watching.

jeff said...


a word of warning about those small indoor tracks; try to schedule your workouts so that you're running on days when the direction changes on the track. too much time spent making tight right hand turns may effect one or the other leg's tightness. and stretch well afterward. like itb stretches and hip stretches.

and woohoo, again!