October 19, 2006

Another Successful Lunch

For a few days now i've had the tune to "I will survive" in my head. except where donna says "so you're back...from outerspace" I sing (in my head ONLY) "so I'm back...." and then I just keep humming the rest of the tune.

I guess that means that my mind is trying to tell the rest of my body that I am truly back.

At any rate, I ran another 4 miles today. Sticking to my schedule. Like a good runner. Did another lunch run because this freaky day light savings time has got me all screwed up. Its dark when I leave to go to work...and it's dark when i get home. So, I run at the gym. Luckily, they love me at the new gym (really...they do). They posted (at my request) the rules of running counterclockwise on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and clockwise on Tuesday and Thursday. So I ran 2 clockwise miles on the track (20 laps...I's silly) and then 2 all out miles on the treadmill. All told I was there for 43:10 BUT I also stopped after 2 miles and went into the locker room to get my towel and then forgot to stop it after i finished the last 2 miles. So, i prolly really ran in it in more like 42:00. (PS. I don't stop my watch when I do stuff like that because I like to mimic real life and I have yet to run a race where they stopped the clock so I could tie my shoe...)

So, log another 4 miles into the record books. I'm planning on 6 for Saturday to make my commitment of 13 miles this week.

Someone just came by and said "brown baggin it today?" My standard response (cause I ALWAYS brown bag it) is "yep, I know what's in this...." I would always like to follow it up with "do you know what was in your big mac and fries?" but i'm too chicken, so i just leave it at that.

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

isn't it funny how people state the obvious re: brown baggin it? you should of said, 'no, i have it here just in case i hyperventilate"

Troy Tarpley said...

It's nice to have you back. From outer space, missisucky or where ever.

Phil said...

Good luck on your 6 miler this weekend. I'm so happy to see you running serious distances again. Your doing so well with your come back. Many of us would have sworn off running after suffer a stress fracture.