October 31, 2006

8 Miles and a Tribute to Jeff....

So, I got the 8 miles done....

In a rocking 11:26 pace!

I gave myself 13 min miles.

And i stopped for water twice.

And for Retreat once.

And to talk to a co-worker once.

And i still finished way under my goal.

And guess what else?

I felt like I coulda kept going...

I love my running legs.

And now for a tribute to Leaky Jeff.

He always has a good story about his leakiness...his frothiness...his hairy butt...wait, that has nothing to do with this post. At any rate, I found out yesterday that we have something in common. I too am a leaky runner. I'm not sure if it was the new shirt that I had on (that i now know why it was on clearance) but I sorta looked like...well, I just don't know how to say this...nicely...okay, here goes...I looked like I was lactating. Really. And that has never happened before. I mean, sure, I sweat. I sweat more than most. But my dri wick shirts usually take care of it for me. Like I said, now I know why these shirts were on clearance. Apparantely, the dri wick on these shirts works differently. And i didn't realize I until well into mile 5. now, typically, i wouldn't care. I mean if someone is looking, then that is what they get, right? And I'm used to peeps staring. Cause, well, I'm just used to it. At any rate, what was so sad about this day was that I was running at work. So that means that every co-worker I stopped and talked to, every audit client that I passed and gave a nod and a polite smile to, every person who didn't know knows me as the lactating girl.

I liked it better when I was known as "that girl that runs 40 laps around the track". Really.

Okay, so now that I've got that out of the way...and thanks Jeff for helping me to make this such a memorable post...cause without you man, I would have never posted this....

I do have a few relevant running questions for all you gurus out there.

1. When I run, I sweat (obviously...) but when I stop running...maybe after about 2 or 3 minutes of cooling down, I look like someone poured a bucket of water over my head. Why is that? I don't look like that while I'm running, so why would it happen AFTER I stop?

2. My left inner leg hurts for the first 3 miles. The bottom portion of my leg, next to my calf. It feels like a muscle the muscle is tight. But then it is tender to touch it to. After about 3 miles, it goes away. Got any suggestions to make it go away permanently?


Troy Tarpley said...

Amy, that's not near as gross as Jeff's. He made me throw up a little in the back of my throat. Yuk!

Kurt said...

Sweating after the race or run is common. Your body is still trying to cool itself down, get use to it!

It sounds like you have muscle tightness and work on stretching it more and more. Listen to the body and make sure your not pushing into the pain zone. Discomfort is one thing but if it becomes painful make sure you stop.

Welcome to being a runner, we always seem to have some new issues!

Anonymous said...

i sweat so much that my bras can turn sorta see through, even the non-white ones...learned that the hard way...

Sarah said...

I just stumbled across your blog checking other running blogs - mind if I link to you?

- Sarah

John said...

You have a way with words, Amy... Lactating Lass!