September 18, 2006

An Update, Actually????

So, I got on this crazy dial up just to give my email a once over and it was processing mean really really fast. So, I thought I really have no excuse for sending out a running update, now do I?

Someone asked me earlier (and sorry I'm just getting around to it) about my schedule. It was designed by my physical therapist so that I could continue my PT and start running again even while I'm 445 miles from home and 445 miles away from my physical therapist. It is 7 weeks (and I as I typed "7" I thought "wtf? it really seems more like 700 weeks") of run-walking and by week 8 running full speed ahead (okay so maybe "speed" is a bit too aggressive, but you know what i mean). It goes like this:

wk 1: walk 5 min, run 1-2 min for 20 minutes total
wk 2: walk 5 min, run 3-4 min for 30 minutes total
wk 3: walk 5 min, run 5 min for 30 minutes total
wk 4: walk 4 min, run 6 min for 40-50 minutes
wk 5: walk 3 min, run 7 min for 3 - 5 miles
wk 6: walk 2 min, run 8 min for 3 - 5 miles(this is where I am now!!!!!)
wk 7: walk 1 min, run 9 min for 3 - 6 miles
wk 8: run my heart out!!!!!!!

Also, I have to run every other day (although I'm not doing that exactly like I'm supposed to...) but that's a whole nother story....

So, that's my schedule and it is coming along nicely. 3 miles is nothing anymore...except when Troy comes to visit and we decide to run at noon in unbearable temps with no shade in sight...well, then 3 miles was HARD! But, other than that, I feel like I'm getting back to my old self and will be very ready to run the 1/2 on Thanksgiving Day. Oh, and today was the first day that I got up at 4am and did my 3 miles. It was nice and hot (yes at 4am...) but it was quiet and peaceful and now at 7:09pm I am so glad that I did it this morning!

Also, less than a month before I get to go home!!! I just can't hardly wait. I am ready to stand in front of a stove and actually cook something. I am so tired of trying to be creatively healthy, with only a microwave and toaster. Yuck!

Nothing else new to report. Troy drove down last weekend and that was fun. We people watched at the casinos. Drank shots of tequila with classmates. And slept. Too much. Another relaxing weekend with T2. Oh, and we ran too. :)

Oh, and as far as doing that updatey thing on a regular basis...I just don't know if I want to commit myself to that each and every week, but I may give it a try again next weekend, because then it forces me to get reconnected with the Rbfers. That's not a commitment. That's a we'll see.

Well, have a great running week!


Firefly's Running said...

Way to go! Hang in there!

Laurie said...

Good to know everything is going well and you will be home soon. We miss your regular updates but completely understand your absense.

neese said...

nice update, a half on thanksgiving day would be neat... pre-turkey dinner though :)

Wanna-be 5k-er said...

Glad you are healing up so nicely! You're going to do great in the half on Thanksgiving!

GL getting through the rest of your work training, you're almost there:-)

pinaypower said...

i saw all the numbers and my mind blanked. what i could make of it was that you were making progress! so yeah yeah yeah to that! :)

miss petite america said...

you're recovering so well! it's always good to have a plan to help keep you motivated. the weeks are gonna fly by so fast!

Phil said...

You're making great progress Amy. Weaker runners would have given up by now. Look forwad to reading about your first non-stop run.