September 22, 2006

Too Much To Do

So, I flew home at another record breaking speed. This time, I had a passenger in tow who not only helped keep me awake, but enlightened me on all the things that go on with 22 year olds these days. Before I let him in the car I really really thought of myself as "cool", and "young" and "in the know" (and yes, I did just say that). But, after 4.5 hours of listening to him say "have you heard of this band? what about this one? okay, so I know you've heard of this one, right?" I found my rightful place in 30-ness world and took a seat. I guess all I needed was a little push to fully feel like I was getting older. Thanks, LT for that push.

At any rate, I am home. And I have been running around like a mad chicken. Really. Skipped breakfast to go get my car serviced. Then to Target for items for tomorrow nights festivities. Then to Bed Bath and Beyond for serving dishes. Then to Goody's to see if I really could get a good pair of jeans for under $95 (and thanks Levis...). Then over to Ross to see if I could find a cool housewarming gift. Then to Micheals to get miscellaneous wrapping paraphanalia. Then the girl in there made me mad when she argued with me over whether the price was $1.38 or $.20. Girly, for your information it was in the bin that said $.20. It's not my fault that someone put it in the wrong spot. Since she argued with me I decided that they didn't need my business and I went to Hallmark to get gift bags. But alas, Hallmark is moving out of the cards/wrapping paper business and into the Christmas Junk business. Or at least this one was. So, I headed to Party City where I found everything else I needed for my Party (hmmm...shoulda started there, right?) Then back to the dealership to pick up my car that has nothing wrong with it except that it makes a squeaking a noise that apparantely only I can hear. Oh, and the loaner they gave me was a bright yellow Beetle. Thanks guys for making me stand out all day long. I hated that car. Then back home to finish up T's bookkeeping that I started 2 weeks ago. Then to pay my bills when I realized that I left my thumbdrive with all my bill info on it in Mississippi, so that will have to wait. Then Pete (my nephew) calls to tell me that he got greens everyday this week (for you non-kid-having folks, that means he behaved everyday) and that my dad and my sis gave him $5 each for getting all greens and was I gonna give him $5 too? Man, 6 years old and already knows how to make money. Then to start reading blogs and freaking out because I need to run 5 miles today and the sun is setting and I still have to grocery shop for food for tomorrow's festivities. And where is Troy? And he should be here soon so that we can go run.


Too much to do. All the time. This limbo life I am living in between Georgia and Mississippi is getting to me. Oh, and I just remembered that I need to be studying because next Saturday I have the 2nd part of my certification exam. And crap. I can't believe that I forgot that.

So, what does all of this mean?

Besides the fact that I am pulling my hair out as we speak??

It means that I'm going to have to start to cut some stuff of my list. Temporarily get rid of some excess baggage and just focus on the meat and potatoes of life. Which just happen to be running, doing well on test, spending time with T when I am home. And that's it. And I know what you are all thinking...but what about my blog? It pains me to say this. You can't see it but I have a little tear coming out of my left eye. I promise. Really people I do. But, I think that for the next 3 weeks I'm only going to be able to put in a random update. And yes...that's it.

I can't believe that I have actually stressed myself out over this. But that's just the person that I am. I don't like to leave anything unfinished. But, for the sake of my sanity I'm going to walk away from the blog. Well, really I'm just going to walk away from reading everyone elses. For the most part. It's just gotten to be this overwhelming task that takes upwards of 2 hours to accomplish. And then I feel bad if I don't read everyone's. Everyone's entries for every day. That is so obsessive compulsive. But it's true. So, what I'm trying to say is that if I don't reply to your blog between now and the 14th of October it's not because I think you suck. It's because I suck. And try to put too much on my plate. And I just need to relieve myself of somethings.

So, there. I said it. And I feel so good now.

Now, where is T so that we can run????

I wish everyone who has a race coming up well, or just happy running for those of you who don't. I'll be back from that hell-hole I call TDY and in my normal fashion on Oct 14. I promise.


Running by.... said...

OMG...You are one busy girl. Totally understand about blogging (or lack of)..somethings got to give. Good luck on your upcoming exams. Try to take it easy once in awhile.

Firefly's Running said... are making MORE tired just reading the blog.. GeeeeZ!

RunnerGirl said...

Wow, and I thought that my life was hectic!

Kick butt on the running - of both fitness and errands - and in your cert exam next Saturday!

neese said...

completely understandable! you know your life best and finding balance is the key, as "running by" said, somethings gotta give!

KT said...

Don't stress, girlie. Update when you can, and take some time to have some fun.

pinaypower said...

i just got tired reading your post.

it's better to have a life than be a loser like me living vicariously through others' blogs ;)

go easy on yourself, have some fun and when you have time we'll all be eager to hear your reports. :)

jeanne said...

I read this more and more on people's blogs...we just all can't keep up with each other and it's such a shame! but something has gotta give right? We've all been there! (I think we're all there right now!) good luck on your exam!

Kurt said...

I understand all to well the being overwhelmed with everything. Just keep plugging away and keep running.

How was the run for you?

Lisa said...

Whew! Your post left me tired! I hope you can find some semblance of order amidst the items and find some peace. It will all come together. Things just have a way of working out. I think prioritizing is a great way of getting rid of the clutter...both physical and mental.

Love the blog!

Wanna-be 5k-er said...

You are so busy:-( Get all the things in real life in order first, blog when you can. Try to take care of YOU in there, would ya?

runnergirl said...

Chill out girl! We all have been there and understand exactly what you are going through. We all need a break. Don't worry we'll all be here when life gets back to normal and you have more free time again! Happy Running!

jeff said...

hah...late to this party, but this is the exact same time that i got overwhelmed too. whew...

the bit that got me, though, was the 22 year old making you feel older. oh, that is so me. 36 and feeling like an aging hipster. my mowhawk from highschool doesn't get me much street cred these days.

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