September 08, 2006

Of Fellow Bloggers....

So, I made the trek back home last night and made the best time ever...a PR of sorts. 6 hours and 15 minutes, with one pee break, and one gas-pee-coffee-candy bar combo break. It was neat because when i got on the south side of Atlanta (about 45 minutes from home) the clouds broke and the moon (full moon) guided me all the way until my detour onto I-475. I think it was brighter than most of the street lights I had passed. And I really wished Troy had of been with me, so that 1) he could enjoy it too and 2) he could have driven while I looked (it was very very hard to keep one eye on the road and one eye gazing at the moon!) But alas, I finally made it home where Troy and a Sweetwater 420 were waiting for me!

I have spent the last 2 hours catching up on all the blogs I frequent. I didn't post any comments to any of them, but to prove to myself that I did actually read everyone's I posted all my comments with links below. I also did this because of that stupid trick DSL in Biloxi. It takes so long for me to load any websites, I thought it might be easier if I just click from my blog rather than loading each individual website...okay, that prolly made no sense whatsoever...but it makes sense to me. And that's all that matters, right???

Running (or run/walking) is going well. I'm up to run 6 minutes, walk 4 minutes. Sunday I get to progress to run 7/walk 3!!!! Yahoo! I actually shaved 8 minutes off of my time this week...I think that means that my legs are loving me and wanting to help me out in this effort to heal properly and run the half on Thanksgiving Day....speaking of which...remember when I subtely tried to tell T that he needed to register for this??? Well, he registered for the full! So, this means 1) that he's got some work to do! and 2) I will be running my first ever race all by myself! That's kind of exciting! No, that is exciting! T and I ran in the neighborhood last weekend, which was comforting because it was home and exciting because it was the first time i had run hills since my break. I'm glad to finally get my running legs back!

in other news, I am have 5 more dreaded weeks in dad traveled when we were growing up and i cannot figure out how he did it...i've been gone for 6 weeks and i'm done with this stuff...really...i am so over it now...i just want to come back to the comforts of home. The beer waiting on me, the cat rubbing on my legs, and me yelling at the cat, the routine of brush teeth-turn on tv-lie in bed-get kissed before i drift off, the smell of coffee brewing downstairs, sitting on the deck after a nice run and drinking water and reading magazines to each other, cooking...oh how i miss actually using a stove, going into Kroger and knowing exactly where the jelly or the bottled water or the greeting cards are located, not feeling nervous about going out after dark to run an errand, waking up to T staring at me while i sleep...I miss all of that so so much!

Well, I think that is it for now. Got three solid days of home running to do and I couldn't be happier. Then back to MS...then it will be 2 weeks before I can make it back home...yuck! Hopefully, I will be able to read everyone's blog while I'm gone...but if not, good luck on all the races that everyone has coming up and happy running!

Comments to the blogs I frequent (in no particular order):

-MnMRunningFirefly is running 6 miles now?
-Phil lost his mojo, but seemed to find it while I was still trying to post all of this...glad you found it!
-Wannabe5ker discovering the benefits of run/walk…I’m not alone!
-Neese's “boo boo buddies” are too cute!
-Miss Petite America and her new blog...please check her out...she's almost as funny as me :) justkidding...way funnier than me!
-KT and her bowel medical mysteries…need i say more?
-Ernesto must have got Kurt cause he hasn’t posted since 31 Aug
-AMaria is secretly contemplating a half-ironman...okay so maybe not, but she does need our help making some decisions….on a half-marathon
- 21stCenturyMom is contemplating buying a Subaru Wagon, or on the off chance she can find a sugar daddy she will be getting a Mercedes
-Pinyapower (sorry private link) finally forgiving herself, and hopefully looking forward to the best year ever...I'm looking forward to reading about your best year ever
- Adventure-In-Running…although not currently running, still having a big adventure in Michigan (great pics by the way)
- Jeff off to Manchester to run a marathon…can’t wait to read the report
- Keeping fingers crossed that Jim doesn’t get sick from all the “sickies” around him….
-I imagine Laura swirling around in the vortex that is “Ethan Allen”…that was funny…and see you ARE funny, Mommy and all…and why were you looking at your jr high yearbook anyway?
-Life-on-the-Run…thanks for that Team Hoyt link…sometimes it takes just 4 minutes to make you realize how good things really are
-Liv-to-Run…finally crossed through her own barriers and made it into double digit runs!
-Robin aka Marathon Chic is departing the blogging world due to some horrible people with horrible attitudes…I encourage you to take Phils advice and start a private blog (Pinyapower did it, and that is why there is no link on her responses), but at the very least keep up with us via email…would love to hear how you are progressing! We’ll miss you!
-Jeanne reminds us of the importance of checking in with CRN to see if we too are “famous”
-Anne (Run DMZ) is off crutches and walking (where or where have I been?) and maybe fracture free come 15 Sept!!!!
-Check out Susan's web design business at ...maybe there is a new blog look in my future???
-Mike's 6:23 cumulative pace...need I say more?
-Kat you actually posted in August...I'm so very proud of you (insert the sarcasm: Here)
- I think Transisitions and her sis are ready for their marathon evidenced by this comment: "At the end of the run we both felt like we could go on longer--even maybe a lot longer."
-Turnips and her trail running...still at it, but I can't figure out when your marathon is????
- And finally, last but certainly not least...Troy who wrote the nicest post ever about our holiday weekend...if you don't read anyone elses, please go read his (sorry...but I'm pretty biased on this one...)


Laurie said...

You were right, T's post was adorable. He seems like a very sweet guy. You are lucky to have each other. Your run/walk progress sounds good. Where did you get your schedule? I think I may need to try something similar so I don't cause another stress fracture.

Firefly's Running said...

I will running 9 miles when I get through the recovery week (and 1st week back to running). I hope I can do it!!

Liv said...

Awww thanks for catching up with all of us, I know it's tough, believe me! (I'm still trying...)

I like your update list a lot, I've spent at least a half hour just checking out the various links. Great idea!

JustJunebug said...

wasnt that HARDER doing all the links instead of commenting?? :O):O)

i too noticed the moon so big on my long run yesterday morning. i almost ran straight into some low hanging branches!!

neese said...

amy i saw that moon lastnight too! did you see it when the dark clouds came over his "eyes" like he was a bandit..or blindfolded? lol thanks for catching up on our blogs, i am pulling for you to make the thanksgiving goal!

miss petite america said...

aw! thanks for the linkage! but now on top of running consistently, i have to be funny too?! geez! :)

your man T sounds like a doll

Kurt said...

Dang no link to me LOL

Good catch up on everyone. I will read Troy's post later tonight. Good job on the running.

KT said...

Hee -- am digging the digest! Clearly, I need more interesting news to report!

runnergirl said...

Glad to hear that the run/walking is going so well! I hope the next few weeks fly by and you are home soon. I liked your recap list. Great idea!

Susan said...

Wow, that recap is pretty cool. I vote you do it every week! : )

Phil said...

Great summary Amy ... I found a number of interesting people by reading your summaries. Perhaps you should think about starting a "Running Blog Summary" series. With so many great people out there and so little time to read everyone's blog far eneough back to figure out what is really going on, you summaries act as little blogging Cliff Notes. There you go again, getting people together.

Your doing great with your comeback. I can't wait to read that you are back to running non-stop for 30 minutes.

Wanna-be 5k-er said...

We believe that you read the blogs, really, you didn't have to post all the links here, that must have been a pain...!

Glad you are healing so nicely. You are being smart about your recovery, you go, girl.

And 5 weeks to go, you are almost there!

Jim said...

Yep . . . I agree with Phil-you're a great source of info and clearinghouse for other bloggers. I use your blog just link to others. I guess I am too lazy to add their links to my site!

Ah yes . . . a 420! It has been several weeks since I've had one. You should have had several so you could howl at that beautiful moon!

The "sickies" have not gotten me but I'm afraid tendonistis might have :(

21st Century Mom said...

Nice recap and thanks for the shout out. I'm STILL waiting for the Sugar Daddy. I think I will be waiting longer for him than you will be for the comforts of home.

Running by.... said...

Glad to hear that your run/walking is going well.

And thanks for the nice comment--I do hope we'll be ready. I know from experience how hard it is to keep up on all the blogs.