August 16, 2006

Running with the Bangledeshi

What do you call people from Bangladesh? And did I even spell it right?

Is it Bangladeshians?

Or is it Bangladeshi?

Or maybe Bangladeshan?

I ran with an international student today guessed it....Bangladesh. He was super nice. And kept up with my run/walking. And we made idle chit chat. It went something like this:

Shafik: Amy, in your country do you live with parents? I mean, do women live with their parents until it is their time of marriage?

And I had to think long and hard about how exactly I was going to answer this question. Because he followed it with:

Shafik: Do you and your sister still live in same household with family? Or has your sister taken husband and moved to his house?

Me (what I really said): No, Shafik, in this country we usually move out of our parents house to go to college and usually don't return.

And, that was a lie on so many levels.

But what I really wanted to say was:

Me: No, Shafik. In this country, we throw most moral fortitude out the window and get married and then shortly thereafter get divorced. And then sometimes we might go back and live with parents. Or sometimes we skip the whole "take husband" thing and make babies and live with the babies and no husband. Or sometimes, as is my case, in this country we shack up with boyfriend in whoever house is better.

Because that is the truth on so many levels. Not that I have a problem with it per se. Just that it really put me in a weird situation to think that his daughters probably lived with he and his wife right up until the day of their marriage. And they were all fine with that. Whether the daughter was 18 or 38. And it was kind of cool at the same time. Because his culture values that so much that he felt like he wanted to share. Or maybe it was just that I look like I might lack some moral fortitude and he wanted to get his facts straight before he passed judgement on me. Either way, it was cool that he asked. In a weird way. But still cool.

Running is back on track. I'm up to walk 5/ run 2. Woohoo! Running for 2 minutes is so freakin easy. I want to run more. I really really do. But I know I've got a plan and I've got to stick with it. And I'm not breakin any rules.

School is still tough. I'm a nerd so I study. Alot. And it shows.

Cause I made a 100 today!!!!


Troy is coming this weekend. And I'm so excited I could pee in my pants. I'm trying to get all my studying caught up this week so that I don't have to do any over the weekend. I haven't seen him in 3 weeks!!!!!!!! That is so very long. He said he has a beard now. Scary. But I still want to see it. And I'll take pics. And post them to HIS blog (T, that was a hint to update already!)

Well, that's about it for me.

Oh, I did order my very first pair of shoes from Road Runner Sports today. Reebok 3D lites. I tried them on at the San Diego expo and fell in love with them. And then broke my foot. But now that I've got my game face on, it's time to step it up and get some new shoes already! They should be here Tuesday, just in time for bumping up the run walk to run 3 min/ walk 4 min. Sweet. And if I don't like them like I did in San Diego....well, you know...I can just SEND THEM BACK. Another Sweet. I would post a pic of them but I am on crappy dial up and it took me long enough to get here...uploading pics would be a nightmare.

Okay, so that is really it for me.

Oh, and for any of you who answered the first question with: the owner of the Quickie Mart...yeah, I already thought about that before I typed this.

This has got to be hands down my most unpolitically correct post ever. Ever.


Firefly's Running said...

Awesome run.

The post was not too bad.

Phil said...

Great post. You had me rolling on the floor, which made reading the monitor very tough. I loved the, "... or has your sister taken husband ..." line. Just where would your sister take a husband? I vote to the Caribbean.

Congrats on the run and sticking with the plan. Your doing great and your not getting all pissing about not being able to run any serious mileage yet. I could never follow your example.

Knock 'em dead in school. We are expecting nothing short of an A+.

jeff said...

hmm...and here i thought heidi fleiss was the owner of the quickie mart.

KT said...

Because I am obsessed with useless trivia, I will tell you that Bangladesh is the most population-dense nation in the world!

Kurt said...

Cultural issues are always fun to explore.

Good job on the running. Keep at it. Enjoy the weekend.

a.maria said...

my mom grew up in mexico.. moved here after she had me. everyone in her family, to this day, lives at home until married. so i totally get what you mean...

my mom would have an aneurysm (whoa. thats spelled weird) if i moved in with a boy before marriage. its bad enough i live away from home!!!!

little does she know...
hee hee!

Troy Tarpley said...

You'll be running with a Maconite this weekend. Can't wait!!! Troy

massoman said...

you are such a great writer amy. i love your blog.

pinaypower said...

you sound in such good spirits amy! :)

neese said...

LOL! ~ great blog entry.

i'm glad you are running again, so cool