August 11, 2006

I'm tired.....

This class is exhausting me. It wouldn't be if I weren't an over-achiever, but since i am, it is really really tiring me out. I want to make a good grade.

Correction: I want to make an A.

Clarification: I want to make a 95 or higher.

That's the over-achiever in me. I still haven't gotten beaten up or my lunch money stolen, but if my instructor keeps calling on me, and making an example of me, I'm sure it will only be a matter of time. Have you ever seen a 30-year old get beaten up at school? Yeah, me neither.

But, I really really do like the class. Because I'm nerd. And I like learning. So, I'm learning a ton and that is good.

They moved me to a new room. I found mold and mildew growing on my box spring. After I had slept on it for 8 days. I have a sore throat now. But I'm not sure if I induced it, or if it is actually from the mold. So, I got moved out of the ghetto to some really really prime real estate. For base housing that is. No, actually it is the nicest billetting I have ever stayed in. It's reminiscent (?sp) of a Marriott. To me anyway. Even my pillow cases are folded in nicely. I forgot to bring my camera home but next week I'll post some before and after pics. No Tell Motel, to the Grand Hyatt. I'm moving on up....I miss the Jeffersons.

I miss Troy too. I'm here and he's not. Strange. I drove 6 hours last night to get here. But I knew that he wouldn't. Cause he's in Wyoming chasing grizzly bears, and moose, and trying to stay off of the Indian Reservations. If you read his blog (referenced in a post below), he describes it as more of a Broke Back Mountain thing, rather than a guy bonding experience. All I can say is TMI. Well, no, all I can say is that if that were really the truth, then I'd be here packing my stuff this weekend. But, I am 100% confident in his manly-hood and his fellow hikers manly-hoods, so I won't pack...yet....

Just kidding.


Where do I begin? I ran/walked or rather walked and then ran a couple of times. And that's it. The thing about being stationed at Keesler is that
1) If I choose to run in the morning, I have to wear all of this goofy protective gear. And I would have to run around 3:30 am cause class starts at 6am.
2) If I try to run in the afternoon it rains. Buckets. And brings with it a ton of lightening.
3) There is no indoor track.

So, what does all this mean? Well, 1) I haven't done any walk/running since Monday and 2) when I get back on Sunday I'm going to have to suck it up buttercup and walk/run on the treadmill.

Geez, I hate that. I'm going to get in some walk/running here at home tomorrow morning. And then Sunday drive back to Biloxi.

So, that is my running update. Extremely lame. I know.


Phil said...

Your the type of student that teacher's just love to have in a class. It makes teaching fun. I'm sure you'll drive yourself to get a 95 (as did I when I was in school). Congratulations on your new digs. Just how did you find mold in your box spring? That must have creeped you out ... I imagined a classic horror movie while reading your post ... "the eerie music starts to swell in the back ground as the young starlet slowly pulls back the sheets to reveal ...."

Good luck with your run/walk on a tread mill. Put on some tunes and crank up the volume. You'll get through the workout in no time.

WMCC News Anchor said...

I've just spent the last hour and a half reading your blog. Your life for the past year is a heck of a story! You could put some motivational speakers out of business.

Good luck on getting back to running. I've linked you on my updated site ( so possibly others can read you and get fired up about running as well. Keep it up!


neese said...

the poor treadmill gets a bad rap! it won't be so bad :) and hey it's better than no walk/run at all you'll do fine!glad you are in a mold free environment now!

Kurt said...

I am sure you will do great on the grade thing. You seem like the type that will do. Your right on Troy, tmi on his brokeback mountain thing! LOL

I am allergic to mold. I would have been so miserable right away. Good thing they are moving you.

Keep running (and walking also). Good luck!

Wanna-be 5k-er said...

I would dread the treadmill, too, but I bet you, being the dedicated athlete that you are, will get through, and with style, at that!

PS--I like brown nosers. I am one, too. GL in class, hang on to your lunch money:-)