August 30, 2006

I hate dial up

Okay, so here’s the deal with my lack of posts lately.

1. This supposed-to-be-dsl-in-my-room is more like dial-up-on-day-one-of-its-inception. Sometimes I can’t even bear the thought of staring at the screen loading…loading…loading.
2. I feel bad when I post something and don’t go read you guys blogs. But, if you refer back to number 1. you will see that I am having some issues with access. Sortof.
3. I have been extremely freakin busy, with making the 12 hour round trip trek back home on any weekend possible to see my t who I miss terribly (you know I think that I’ve forgotten to mention in any previous posts how much I really miss him), and then with all the studying I’ve been doing (and I use the term “studying” in the loosest way possible), and with all the running I’ve been doing (again, think of “running” in the loosest way possible).

So, see. I’m busy. And lazy. And annoyed with this internet service.

But, T gave me a good idea. Type up my post in word and then log into my computer prior to class starting and by the end of the day it will be loaded and I can just copy and paste my entry, thereby making my head only hurt for about 20 minutes rather than the typical 2 hours that I’ve spent on this stupid computer loading…loading…loading.

Anyhow, I’m back for a very lengthy (and needed) post. First things first:

I have learned numerous things while I’ve been in Mississippi and the following is a short (yeah right) compilation of those things:

A. I can be gone away from home for a month and not cry one single time, but leave my base ID in my backpack…in my room…and then drive off base…without my ID…and I’ll cry like a baby. They seriously did not want to let me back on base. I had to go to 2 different gates, grovel a little, hold up traffic, call some of my classmates…oh and then after tears in my eyes and 45 minutes later, they decide that I actually do belong here and can proceed back on base.
B. $15.00 will get me 2 rolls of sushi, 6 raw oysters, and 3 Heinekens in this town. Can you say “sweet”?

C. People in Mississippi are fat. Hope no one takes offense to that, but I have never ever in my life seen so many morbidly obese people. All in one town. Ever. And I was backed up by a news story that came out today that said Mississippi was the fattest (and that is FAT, not PHAT) state in the nation, followed closely by Alabama. I would put in a link to the story but please reference number 1. above to understand why I would have to reenact letter a. above if I tried to insert a link. Enough said about that.

D. I am smart. Really. I’ve made one 90 and 3 100’s on my tests. And I don’t have a friggin clue what we are talking about. Most, if not all, of the material that we are going over is Greek to me. I am smart because I have a strategy. I’ve figured out that the tests are mostly the same format, so I memorize certain key items with pneumonic devices and then I answer the test questions based on those devices. For example, I remembered that a DSR (Document Summary Record) was the last record to be produced because the acronym started with a “D” and “Dummies always come in last place” or the difference between a SF 1449 and an AF Form 9 was that the form 9 is for services or supplies and that an SF 1449 starts with “s” so s+s does not equal an S. S+S = AF Form 9 and does not start with S. Now, if you asked me what a DSR, Form 9 or SF 1449 is for I wouldn’t have a clue. But I don’t have to. All I have to do is make another 100 on the test. It’s all about strategy guys.

E. Although my classmates all look the same (sortof) we are a diverse group of people. There is the valedictorian of his highschool, the mom who has 2 kids and a husband who is making his 3rd deployment to Iraq, Bangladesh who is used to being treated like a king and well we try to treat everyone the same in America, the new lieutenant who’s career with the Air Force spans the amount of days he has been in this class, the girl who has lived her whole life in Hawaii (and I feel so sorry for her), Tunisia who is quiet and smokes but his English is getting better everyday, the power lifter, the guy who has been branded and on occasion has hung himself from metal hooks (yikes!), the girl from San Antonio who misses her family desperately, the newly married girl who’s husband has been here most of the time that she has (must be nice….), the guy who is the butt of all the jokes (I mean really, when you come out and say “you know, I look like Ashton Kucher” you are just asking to be made fun of), the animal lover who may or may not be housing an animal in her billeting room at this time, the class leader who is enjoying his authority, and the guy who went running with me only to tell me half way through that he had possibly had shin splints and definitely has asthma. Yep, I think that is everyone. And i like them all. Even the girl who has my exact personality so we have some "trouble" getting along sometimes. But, it’s been fun. 50 more days to go.

Troy visited weekend before last and we had a great time. Went out to Ship Island, ate dinner together and just spent time together. I would love to attach pics but reference number 1 above to see why I can't. I went back home last weekend and visited with my family and spent time with Troy. It was fun. Did some of our normal things like beer and pizza at IVP, Cracker Barrel on Sunday morning, and coffee in bed while we watched Sunday morning. I didn’t want to come back here…..I’m going back home this weekend as well since Monday is a holiday it will be another 3 day weekend. I miss my family and my friends. I miss blogging on a regular basis. I miss T. Heck, I even sometimes think I might start to miss Barley (T’s cat), but then I come to my senses…just kidding…I do really miss that byatch too.

Running Update: I’m now down to run 5 minutes, walk 5 minutes for 30 minutes at a time. It’s coming along slowly but I’m being patient. I know my day will come when I can just run and run and run. I got my new shoes (Reebok 3D lites) and I LOVETHEM! They are so light and fit my feet so well. They are a joy to have on my feet. I actually feel like a runner when I put them on, even when I’m doing my mandatory walk breaks. I’m still on track for the ½ in Atlanta on Thanksgiving Day. And T, that was an official notification for you to register for it, like today, okay?

Well, that’s it for me now. I’m sorry that I haven’t kept up with anyone else and more than likely it will be this weekend before I can sit down and read up on everyone else’s good stories. I feel bad for that. But, in 50 days I won’t have this problem anymore.

Oh, and I’ll leave you with a cute nephew story. I mailed him a card last week. It had a dog on it and I wrote a note inside just telling him how much I miss him. My sister called and said that she got the card and was going to pick him up from school and would give it to him then. He’s five. Remember that. So, he calls me later and the conversation goes like this:
Pete: Amy, thanks for my note.
Me: you’re welcome buddy.
Pete: my favorite part was the picture of the Statue of Liberty and the Flag.

Me: [perplexed…and thinking “did I mail him the wrong card?” cause remember it had a DOG on it]

Me….scratching my head…thinking…thinking…thinking

Me: Pete, did you open the envelope?
Pete: No, I didn’t know I was supposed to….

And then there were some explicative yelled at my dear dear sister who has never shown a 5 year old that they open the envelope up and find out what is inside….he was just happy that I sent him a piece of paper with a used stamp on it….i love him. OH, and in case you were wondering…I did figure out that GI Joe is not metrosexual, and at the birthday party on Sunday, one well deserving 5 year old will get the mother of all GI Joe airplanes and the crotch rocket GI Joe to match.

Happy running!


Troy Tarpley said...

Way to go on your good grades regardless of how you got them. Well, as long as your not cheating and I know you wouldn't do that.

Firefly's Running said...


Runner Chic said...

Hey Ms. Smarty Pants... I reminded Troy in his blog to sigh up for the Half Marathon. Sometimes men need an extra little push.

Great job on the grades and your running!


Kurt said...

Good times it sounds like. I think America as a whole is getting fatter not just MS. Data tends to support that overall.

Have fun!

Laurie said...

Loved the story about your nephew! He sounds so innocent and adorable. So glad to see you posting again, we have missed you too!

Good luck catching up on other blogs. I was gone for a week in Mexico and it took me about 4 hours to catch up on the 50 or so blogs I subscribe to. It was enjoyable but overwhelming.