July 05, 2006

Stress Fracture Update

Today was my follow up for the stress fracture(s). I was excited and hesitant because, although I wanted him to say "Amy, since you are such a good patient, you get to take that cast off and run tomorrow"...(yeah, I'm THAT optimistic), I was hesitant because I knew that he was going to have the results of my bone density test. All I could think (other than "let me run, let me run, let me run) was of all the stupid things I've done to my body over the last 30 years, more specifically over the last 15 years. From smoking to eating so much fast food, to the binge drinking years known as college, to that couple of years where I thought a well balanced meal was a pack of crackers and a candy bar washed down with a Diet Coke (and that was it....all day long), to the medicines that I had taken (specifically, Depo Provera) that have now been shown to cause osteoporosis. I just thought of all that stuff, and still thinking "if he lets me run, I'll never do any of that stuff again...."

Well, good news first. Although, he did not tell me when I can run again, he did tell me I was done with the ugly cast and have been upgraded to that beautiful blue orthopedic shoe. Although, it's not the most stylish thing, it will go much better with my new Born walkers than that big hunking cast will. So, I'm happy about that. I meet with the physical therapist tomorrow who will set me up with a 12 week home program of rehab. (Note: In case I haven't mentioned it, I have to go to Keesler AFB in Gulf Port, MS on 28 July and will be there for 3 months!!!!! Yikes! Hence, the home rehab program). At any rate, he said that the PT will let me know when I can walk/run again. He said not to expect to do any walking for exercise for 5 more, that is that.

Bone density results: "The patients' bone mineral density ranges from 0.9 to 1.8 standard deviations below the mean for a young adult of similar sex, race, and body habitus. These findings are consistent with osteopenia." Ugh....I kindof freaked out. I mean I'm 30, and just barely. What does it all mean? Is it reversable? Is it curable? Will I have to take meds for the rest of my life? I was just scared. And really wanted to cry. But, I put on my big-girl face and asked those questions calmly. He said he wants me to see my internist...ummmm...yeah...I've been meaning to get one of those...funny that Kat and I JUST talked about that at lunch, he said "surely, you have an ob/gyn, right?" Well, duh. So, I've called to set up an appointment with him to see what he wants to do about it. We'll see how it goes.

In the meantime I called my mom because she is a nurse and well, she is my mom so I figured that she would know what to do or say, right? Well, she does know alot about it and after getting over her initial non-tactfulness of "yeah, it was probably the smoking, the birth control, all those bad things"...yeah, thanks mom for kicking me while I'm down. (Note: she has always wanted to say "see I told ya so" with the smoking now she has her opportunity) At any rate, I once again put on my big-girl persona and ask her medical related questions (actually, I think I said "hey, mom, lets cut the crap. you told me smoking was going to hurt me. you were right. now lets move on.") So, she said that osteopenia (what it said in the x-ray results) was not actually osteoporosis. Osteopenia means that my bones don't have enough calcium, while osteoporosis means that my bones have damage. Whew....she said that with diet and exercise (got that one covered) I should be fine. But, that I NEEDED TO GET AN INTERNIST. Yeah, mom, I know. Will get on that when I come back from MS in October...I promise. So, I'm not feeling like crying quite so much after talking to her (which is actually a shocker). I'm waiting on a call back with my appt time with the ob/gyn who will hopefully tell me the same thing that mom did.

So, there is my update. Thanks for all the well-wishes lately. My plan is tomorrow morning to sit down and catch up on everyone's blog. Right now, I'm a lady of leisure (according to Kat) since I've been off for what seems like an eternity, so tomorrow morning will be a perfect time to catch up!

Happy running!


runnergirl said...

Sorry to hear about the osteopenia, chica. I feel for you. I have the same thing. I was also diagnosed at age 30. I went rounds with the doctors to essentially come up with the conclusion that I am too young for any of the current medications. As they are all for post menopausal women. So, instead my diet got a major overhaul, and I went through some nutrition and physical therapy classes to learn a bunch of exercises to strenghten my bones. It's actually one of the main reasons I got serious about running again. Good Luck, but if you are smart you'll be just fine!

Firefly's Running said...

Sorry for the osteopenia diagnosis. Just drink your milk and get your calcium. You will be running in NO time - actually 5 weeks, but still NO time. Hopefully the internist will have some suggestions for you.

jeff said...

good luck, amy. keep up the healthy diet and i'm sure you'll be pulling troy along through the next race.

turnip said...

I don't think its that uncommon for women to have a lower bone density. Sounds like you should be able to reverse it which is good news! Start buying lots of skim milk and use it as an excuse to eat lots of ice cream :)

Wanna-be 5k-er said...

Amy, I am glad your stress fracture is improving and congrats on shedding the big cast.

I am equally sorry to read of your osteopenia, *but* it does sound optimistic that the amazing lifestyle changes you have made could improve it a whole bunch.

GL! And glad you felt a bit better after talking with your mom:)

KT said...

Sounds like it's the lesser of two evils? Sorry about the osteopenia, but so happy it's not something more serious.

Take care of yourself!

neese said...

aw amy reading your blog entry reminded me of my mom relationship i so know what you mean about the smoking thing and the usual cry thing. Keep pressin on and taking the high road with that one, unfortunately it doesn't all get better but sometimes those little nuggets of good make up for it.

continued healing