July 25, 2006

Running Update

Could it be?


A running update?

Well, sortof.

I have two more days with this shoe on!!!! And I got so excited today that I registered for this. It's exactly just far enough away for me to finish my PT and get busy training. I can't start running again until Aug 6 and for a few weeks it will be run/walking it on a grand scale (like the first week walk 5 minutes, run 1 minute...yuck!) But I know why they want me to do and I'm really good at following the rules.

At any rate, I'm really excited to have my eyes set on something else. And after June, it will be a breeze...I just know it.

Now, how do I explain to my mom that I won't be around to help with the cooking on Thanksgiving but I'll be over about the time that everything is ready? I'll figure that out later....

I've been busy making my training schedule today (in between work...REALLY) and will just be counting down the days until I can get back out there and join the rest of the running world.

Yesterday was my first day back at the gym being allowed to do something other than ride the bike, so I did an hour of circuit training (elipse, stairmaster, stationary bike, recumbant bike). I was just so excited to be able to do something that i wanted to do it all :) I was excited about going back today until I got the email that said the gym was closed due to air conditioning malfunctions. Drats! And just when I was getting back into the swing of things. Hopefully it will be repaired by tomorrow, but then again we are talking about a military base so it could be weeks before they get it fixed (whoops...did i just say that?)

T and I haven't decided when we are leaving to take me to Keesler. At the very latest, we'll leave Sunday to give me time to figure out where I'm staying, where the grocery is, where target is, etc. I'm imagining that there's not much more down there than some grocery stores and home depot. Maybe a few casinos back open. It will be a great time to study, catch up on blogs, read, exercise, eat better, etc. I'm hoping to get alot out of these 10 weeks personally. There won't be any interruptions, so, as I told T this morning, I'm hoping to come back "hot". Or "hotter" in his words. He knows when to turn the charm on :)

Speaking of T, this Friday, the 28th will mark one year ago that i was lucky enough to meet him (or maybe he was lucky enough to meet me...who knows?) I can't believe that a year has gone by...and we've done so much ...I've quit smoking; got a tattoo (me not him, although he did hold my hand); skydived; white water rafted (even thought i'm deathly scared of drowning...but I didn't tell him until we were boarding the raft); visited the Biltmore; he's shown me the NC mountains, Boone, Asheville, where he went to college (Lees McRae); seen Hootie and the Indigo Girls (not together), lots of classical music concerts (thanks for taking one for the team); trained for and ran a marathon; visited Appalachacola (I will never figure out how to spell that); painted pottery together; had lots of IVP pizza and beer; and watched many episodes of the Apprentice and the Office. There are so many more things that I would be here all day writing this. All good things. Not one single bad memory over the last year. I haven't even gotten mad at him...once...can you believe that? Sure, he makes me late sometimes, or isn't quite as organized as me, but he puts up with my obsessive compulsive disorder to seperate ALL the laundry, or the fact that I can't (and probably never will learn how to) load a dishwasher right. I ask myself all the time how come someone hasn't kidnapped him already? (and I mean kidnapped, like in a "he's my boyfriend and no one else can ever have him" way) And at the same time I ask myself what I did to get so lucky. I'm not really sure, and I'll probably never know, so all I can do is look forward to another year of getting up really really early on Sunday just so we can go have oatmeal and blueberry muffins and make it back home in time to watch Sunday Morning and then laying on the couch all day saying "in a few minutes I need to go here" or "when this show goes off, let's go here" Yep, that's what I can do. Look forward to the new stuff and the repeats of my old favorites. Thanks T for making it the best year of my life.


Anne said...

I can indeed attest that Troy's a keeper. You two were made for each other. Good luck getting back into running but remember to take it slowly at first or you'll get injured again. This comes from experience.

Firefly's Running said...

Two more days with the boot. It's so exciting to count the days until you can run again. Yayyy!

Wanna-be 5k-er said...

Congrats on a great year with your boyfriend. Sounds like you two have a great relationship.

AND GL training for Atlanta, that sounds so exciting! Makes me want to enter a 1/2 marathon...hmmmmm. Anyway, take it slow, have a continued great recovery.

Kurt said...

There is a great race in Asheville each year at the Biltmore that you should all consider doing. Boone is wonderful also and fun to run up and down those great mountains! Of course I love the beach more LOL.

pinaypower said...

oh amy! you give me so much hope! :) but too remember just how happy you've made troy :)

good luck with the half training!

turnip said...

so glad you are feeling better. I always like to have some sort of race goal too to keep me motivated. Good luck!