July 13, 2006

Rest Day

Question for the day:

Is there such a thing as a "rest day" when you're riding a stationary bike?

And truthfully, I wouldn't be taking a rest day if I

1) hadn't promised cube boy (see 2 posts down) a lunch to mourn his cube defeat and

2) T and I weren't going to see Napoleon Dynamite at the theater where we can eat pizza and drink beer. Oh, and the movie is FREE. Free movie, pizza, and beer...what could be better than that????

I think both of the above situations warrants a rest day.


Anne said...

I think you need more rest days and more days where you go home to nothing to do because I absolutely rolled with laughter at the blog posts you produced during this downtime. Please, don't ever become too productive again!!!!

runnergirl said...

Yes, you deserve a rest day!

Have fun at the movie!

Runner Chic said...

Amy -
As you just told me... listen to you body and it will tell you what you need. Don't you just hate when you get the same advise. You were right though.

Most important thing is to fully RECOVER!!!!


Firefly's Running said...

Good idea on the rest day...and on a day where you can get FREE beer, pizza, and a movie all at once.

Have fun!

pinaypower said...

seriously, all serious work MUST stop when confronted with an opportunity for a free movie, ESPECIALLY if it involves beer...

you're a smart girl :)