July 14, 2006

Overcoming Fears

I'm trying to overcome a fear....ummm...well, actually I'm procrastinating on paying my bills and other administrative tasks that must be done so I'm 'pretending' like this will make me overcome my, just humor me and read on.

There are certain things that can make me vomit on demand. Most of them are key phrases and I'm not going to mention them here. There is no need to because Troy, as he lives in his world of denial that he DOESN'T torture me, will post them anonomously. He just loves to see the look on my face when he says those two little words. At any rate, there are other things that don't make me vomit on demand, but that just make me feel really really quesy and once Troy adds those magic words, it's a bathroom party for me. One of those things that makes me quesy is this. Don't's okay to click won't gross you out. I'm weird in my own way like that.

So, today on my way home I had to pass a KFC and they had those magic little words of "come get your gravy bowl today" pasted on the marquee. And I just got grossed out and at the same time, curious. I mean, I know why it grosses me out. The combination of fried chicken, gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, and then CHEESE (wtf?) just make my heart ache. Literally. I get these little chest pains and then start to think that I need to do more cardio. But I was curious as to what exactly was in each of those items that are layered in the bowl. Although, the combination sounds totally disgusting to me, I wondered how BAD is it for you?

But, first I had to overcome my fear of actually seeing the thing on their website. I knew it would be there. They're so freakin proud of themselves for inventing this garbage disposal of a bowl. I mean it's on every marquee...I've seen the commercial at least a thousand times and I don't even watch that much tv (cause i'm sadly too busy blogging...) So, staring fear right in it's nasty face, I am happy to provide you these insights about the "KFC's Famous Bowl".

KFC Famous Bowls consist of the following (as termed on the website): creamy mashed potatoes, sweet kernel corn, bite size pieces of all-white meat crispy chicken, topped with homestyle gravy and a 3-cheese blend, all the KFC favorites you know and love served in a convenient easy-to-eat bowl!

Total Bowl: 720 Calories, with 290 of those from fat or 32 gms of fat….and 2390 mgs of sodium (now I see why my chest hurts just looking at it)

I wanted to break it down but surprise surprise they have no nutritional information on the 3 cheese blend or the gravy when left alone or the corn because I’m sure that it’s been soaking in butter, or at the very least, a good hearty portion of partially hydrogenated oil.

Now add the super sized Pepsi on there at a whopping 280 calories (more than what I ate in my entire breakfast this morning), and you have a grand total of 1000 calories taken in. At one sitting.

But then I got bored with that because the website wouldn’t let me have my way, so I decided to make the most unhealthy, realisitically eaten combination of their menu items. Here’s what I had:

A Crispy Twister 670 calories, 340 of those fat (making more than 50% of it fat) and 1650 mgs of sodium.
Potato Wedges: 240 cals, 100 from fat (42% of it is fat) and 830 mgs of sodium (I choose to not extra salt them either, go me!).
Cole Slaw: 190 cals, 100 from fat (53%) and whew…only 300 mgs of sodium.

Oh, and add my Pepsi at 280 cals (no fat) and 70 mgs of sodium.
And dessert, cause even though I said I was givin it up, I just couldn’t help my fat ass…I mean self...yeah, that's what I meant....
A scrumptious piece of pecan pie at 480 cals, 190 from fat (40%) and 360 mgs of sodium.

My total meal cost me:
1,860 calories
730 or 39% of my meal was fat
And now I know why my chest was hurting…drum roll please…3210 mgs of sodium, and since the recommended intake for THE WHOLE FREAKIN DAY is only 1000-3000mgs per day, I think I just had a heart attack…

And I only threw up once during my research!

PS. People, you better not get to used to this, because in exactly 3 weeks and 6 days I will be back to POSTING ABOUT RUNNING.

And before you ask, yes I DID watch "Super Size Me" and LOVED IT! I only wish I had of thought of it sooner....of course, I woulda made Troy eat all the meals while I conducted my research...yes, that's what I woulda done.

And to all the weekend warriers, Happy Running this weekend! Run one for me!


jeff said...

i am right with you on that kfc monstrosity. creating that thing and then MARKETING it to the public shows gross disregard for health.

runnergirl said...

You and my boyfriend would get along great. The first time we saw that ad his words were "OMG! That is disgusting!"

Amy said...

Note: As I just read to this Troy, he thought that I REALLY had that for lunch I just want to make it perfectly clear: I DID NOT EAT ANY OF THAT TODAY, OR WOULD I EVER EAT THAT CRAP.


Annette said...

First, I have to agree that KFC has created a disgusting combo. - my husband disagrees, but hasn't actually tried it. But, the calories, fat, etc. . . . Wow! Now at least I have some ammunition to talk him out of it - if he dares to consider it. :)

Firefly's Running said...

EWWWWWW! When I saw that commerical the first time, my stomach churned. Oh ick! A heart-attack in a fact.

Phil said...

Amy ... I think you stuck another nerve with your blogging community.

I had the same reaction when I first saw this commercial. Actually, it was something along the lines of "what the hell?!" It wasn’t to be feeding lousy fried chicken with butter soaked mashed potatoes to ignorant dinners, but now ... and here is the true genius, they've figured out a way to serve it such people can shove it down there throats even faster. There’s nothing like a 2000 calorie snack at lunch to get the rest of your day off on the right foot.

Every notice that the morons pushing this junk on us in the commercials are never as large as the average KFC consumer? Why do suppose that is?

Keep these posts coming!

Anne said...

Is it only the running community that's repulsed by this concoction? Like everyone that's commented, my husband and I didn't quite get what was so delectable about it, either. It'll be interesting to see if it's a 'hit' for the company. (And I actually ate MORE fast food while reading Fast Food Nation...power of suggestion, I suppose. I better not go see the movie when it comes out or you'll never get me out of In-n-Out Burgers.)

JustJunebug said...

i cant believe someone actually posted about this!!

i say the same thing everytime i see it (especially the first time) on the dang tv!!

what a freaking gross thing!! and people eat that CRAP!!!


neese said...

i feel sick.

pinaypower said...

wow see even after knowing all that i am still a glutton and love to eat KFC, or even better, POPEYES... you just have to not eat a LOT of it...

but seriously, i've never met a junk food or ANY kind of food actually i didn't like...have pity on my bowels

Runner Chic said...

Amy -

I have read that the average American can eat their entire calorie intake just in one meal. Crazy that we would ever want to do such an unhealthy thing.

I love healthy foods and can not remember the last time I ate at KFC or even had a soda. I would guess more than 4 years ago.

Junk in is always Junk out.


Running by.... said...

Wow! I knew it was bad, but had no idea.

Liv said...

Ugh, I am so with you on this, I have hated KFC ever since I was about 10 years old and okay, *maybe* I just happened to come down with the flu that day, but I maintain it was a wicked KFC-induced case of food poisoning that made me literally puke all night.

May have been a blessing in the end, though - because I've never even been tempted to touch the stuff since!

Wanna-be 5k-er said...

I cannot believe they put that "bowl" together. Like they were *trying* to load as much fat, sluggish unhealthiness as possible into one sitting. Sad.

But I do have a confession, I love McDonald's french fries. I don't have 'em often, but I just love 'em.

I think I need to rent Supersize Me after reading your blog today!

Dori said...

I just lost my appetite.

I don't eat that kind of crap. The sad part is that low-income people rely on it; they don't have many options. At least MacDonalds is trying with their "healthy" meal. The REALLY sad part is that fast foods places like KFC and Mac are showing up in other countries. I once exited the train station in ancient Kyoto, Japan, and straight ahead of me, in full neon ugly, was a KFC.

massoman said...

if kfc does focus groups to direct their marketing and product development, who do you suppose the people were, and what did they look like, who said they liked that stuff?
My wife just finished reading "the omnivore's dilemma" by michael pollan and has started "what to eat" by marion nestle. if you enjoyed/appreciated fast food nation, i think you'll enjoy these. "omnivore's dilemma" is a well written, fun read as well being very informative. she read most of it to me in the car as we were driving hither and yon. "what to eat" is not quite as much fun to read, but is so full of information it's amazing.

KT said...

After my 24-mile run, I had this burning craving for KFC, which is so rare for me. I made Derek take me through the drive-thru, and got mashed potatoes and mac and cheese.

Heinous? Yes. But also, pretty awesome. For a once-in-about-five-years treat.

Jim said...

Geez Amy, thanks sending ME running to the head for bathroom party! Might as well eat a pound of Crisco, a pound of sugar, and a pound of salt. BLAHHHHHH.

So tell me about the RUNNING!!!! Come to Birmingham and run the Mercedes half with Susan and me. And yes, you can bring Troy!

Kurt said...

I just came across your blog and it was interesting post today. LOL

I haven't been in a KFC in about 20 years and have no desire to go there either.

Running in Slow Motion said...

Blehhh...I get so grossed out by those tv ads. What about the one for the burger that has like 5 patties on it. My arteries just harden watching the commercials.

Susan said...

oh my god

Anonymous said...

I haven't eaten there, since I discovered they use ghb

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