July 21, 2006

Osteopenia Update and Other Things Un-running Related

Before I talk about my most recent doc visit, I want to clarify why there has been no running updates (for those of you who clearly have not been following along...). At any rate, I received 2 (possibly 3) stress fractures in my left foot about 5 weeks ago (see somewhere in June archives for the news flash). And although I'm out of the cast, I'm still in the blue shoe for one more week, then 2 more rest weeks and then...finally...I get to start running again...a little. So, that is why all of my updates for the last month or so have been nothing about running. Now, on to my osteo diagnosis.

The doc I went to see today told me SO MUCH about osteopenia, osteoporosis, and other eating relating disorders. It was all really really interesting. First, he told me that my numbers weren't terribly low. I.E., he does not want to medicate me. And furthermore, he wouldn't because of my age and the chance that one day i might have some rugrats. He said there is no long term studies on osteo meds and childbirth so he just wouldn't do it. But, he said that I could fix (or maintain what I have) by adjusting my diet. He also said that if he took 100 30-year old females and did a bone density on them, probably 40% would come back with osteopenia. The reason for this is (and listen up if you have teenage girls in the house) because we stop building our bone mass during our late teens and early twenties. The last few years are critical, but during those last few years are when most of us decide that we're getting fat and try to eat less, or we just generally eat more junk. I don't think I ever thought I was fat and dieted but I know that I ate a ton of junk during those years, when I should have been drinking my milk! At any rate, he said that if we could maintain the level that I'm at now I shouldn't have any problems in the future. Oh and the recommended daily allowance for someone my age is about a quart of milk a day. Yikes! I have one glass with my cereal in the morning and one with dinner (if i'm eating at home) but that's it!

OH, and that he thinks running 26 miles is wrong...surprise, surprise. I've learned to just look those nay-sayers in the eyes and say "we all have our vices, right?" That usually shuts them up. The ER doc that first looked at my foot even told me sheepishly that she was addicted to nicotine gum when I made that statement.

So, all in all, I'm gonna live. And live without medicine. Yahoo! He's going to repeat the bone density in 2 years but other than that, just more milk, more cheese, more yogurt, etc. I can handle all of that!

20 days and counting until I can run again. Woo-hoo! In the meantime, I've been continuing my trek to the Tour on the stationary bike...I've even started to refer to myself as Landis...okay, Landis here, not the Landis here (and OMG!!!) And I've been lifting weights and trying out some other new, fun exercises to tone up. With TONING UP being the optimal word. I just looked back at some of my marathon pics and I was just not really happy with what I saw between my waist and my knees. It's time to say goodbye to my big butt, and hello nice toned...well, you know where I'm going with this.

I'm leaving next Thursday to go here for a 10 week financial management course. Yes, 10 weeks in hell...well, they like to call it Mississippi. Just keep your fingers crossed for no hurricanes. I don't want this class disrupted because I will have to go back. What am I going to do for 10 weeks?? Miss Troy. Alot. Run. Alot. Go to the gym. Alot. Work on my eating patterns. Some. Miss Troy. Oh, and go to class everyday. Yuck.

Well, that's all for me. Oh, one other thing that I hate to have to mention but it must be done. Remember the GYM SAGA? Well, it seems that I gave the owner of Kinetix Healthclub on Bowman Road in Macon Georgia (you know where this going, right?) one more chance to finally make amends and refund me the $235 early termination fee that he said he would try to do. Well, that chance was day before yesterday. He assured me that he would call me back that day, and as of Friday at 5:45pm I haven't heard a peep from him. You know, I've gotten several emails from people around here having the same or similar problems with this health club. When will they learn? When they are forced to shut down because everyone realizes that they can get the same services at the Wellness Center for almost half the price? I don't know, but I'm including a link to my original post for anyone who googled Kinetix and got my blog. I would be weary of joining. That's all I'm sayin'. Here, here, here, and here.


Running by.... said...

I never even heard of osteopenia! My daughter is 16 and not really into milk anymore. I'll make sure I'm always stocked with string cheese!

Ick 10 weeks in Miss? That's a long time. Good thing you'll be very soon.

neese said...

10 weeks!?

will you be able to blog!? lol
(i know it's not top on your list but we need the amy updates!)


Firefly's Running said...

Good news on the osteopenia. Running is actually good for building bone mass along with weight training. But LOTS of chocolate milk is EVEN better.

Amy said...

Yes, I will be blogging more than ever because besides going to the gym, I won't have anything to do!!!!

pinaypower said...

O.M.G. 10 weeks in Mississippi?

you are gonna come back with one PHAT butt :)

Kurt said...

I can appreciate having to change your diet to accomodate health or potential health issues. I am being forced to give up most of my pasta, white rice and other things than increase sugar levels. Better that than medication.

I will keep hoping for a speedy recovery on the foot!

jeff said...

idiots. don't they know better than to mess with you and your army of bloggers?

Wanna-be 5k-er said...

I'm glad it seems like the osteopenia seems just about managable. You have already raised MY awareness of my calcium (ok, and caffeine) intake. so thanks. Continued gl with it, I think you have a great attitude.

10 wks away? I would miss my SO so much. Hope the hurricanes stay away and that you get lots of personal growth time in the midst of the financial course.

And oh, the gym, I thought they had wised up and just about resolved your situation!?! When will they learn...?


Phil said...

Amy ... good luck on your financial management course. Just remember that many of your readers have MBAs should you need any help. Mississippi has a lot going for it, you'll have a great time.

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Lydia said...

How lucky to find your blog! You inspire me. I started running in January - first time in my life - at age 43. Then in March I found out that I have osteopenia. I run 2miles, 3x a week, but am working myself up to run the 5k at Disney's Expedition Everest in September. Right now I'm nursing a painful lower femur bone & praying that I don't have my first fracture. That in addition to the fact that I may have piriformis syndrome has my whole family shaking their heads at me, saying "are you sure you want to be running?"
Yeah, I want it. I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Katie Joy said...

I was googling osteopenia when I found your blog! I'm going to the doctor on friday for my 9 week check up on a particularly stubborn calcaneous stress fracture...cause: osteopenia. Thank you for this post about it...I'm desperate for any information about it.

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Anonymous said...

I am a 73 year old male runner who has been running for 35 years. I have logged every mile since 1980 and have run 28,668 miles. Due to recent lower back pain, I went to the doctor and he recommended getting my back x-rayed and also a bone density test. Much to my surprise (and disappointment) I just found out that I have osteopenia. Weight bearing exercise, such as running, is suppose to be the best thing you can do to prevent osteopenia or osteoporosis. I am going to physical therapy right now and walking seems to be pain free but the jury is still out on whether I will be able to run again.