July 11, 2006

Double Entry

I did something today that I said I wouldn’t do anymore. I blogged at W-X-X-K. I said I wouldn’t, but hear me out. I have SO MUCH on my to do list that it was driving me crazy. One of those things was to catch up on my blog. Then I ran into John this morning (Happy Birthday Shout Out!) and since he’s an IT guy I got his take on it. He says he blogs at work all the time (sorry for outing you buddy). And well, since he’s an IT guy and pretty smart I figured if he can do it and not get caught, so can I. So, today, in between hyperlinking data from a spreadsheet to a word doc (see I did do some work today!), I read each and every one of ya’lls blogs (by the way, I tried to put “you’s” instead of “ya’lls” there and it said it’s misspelled so I went with ya’ll). And besides, if I get in trouble I’m going to question how come it’s not okay for me to blog but it’s okay for a certain work group mgr to check her daily soap updates… But for now, I can cross one more thing off of my list. Yahoo! I’ve got many updates since I haven’t written in almost a week so here goes:

Saturday, Troy and I went to Spa Sydell to get that couple’s massage that I gave him for Valentines Day (hey, better late than never, right?) This was his first and they do the whole “deal” there right down to the comfy robes and slippers (well, plastic shoes….mine were comfy…his, not so much) At any rate, as we are sitting in the relaxation room pre-massage, Troy tells me that he feels like he’s in Eyes Wide Shut because everything is so dimly lit and everyone is scurrying around so quietly…oh and all the black with the dot of an aesthetician or two in their white lab coats. I guess he’s right. At any rate, we both had great massages and got to be in rooms separated by an open partition (is there such a thing?) He LOVED it and I’m SO glad. Mine was great as well until about 5 hours later when I discovered that they had not used hypoallergenic oils on me and I broke out in big welps. Which happened during our 3 hours excursion in REI. If you’ve ever been able to spend 3 hours in REI, raise your hand. Yeah, I thought so….I did get a new swimsuit that I am “going to try” to use when I start swimming. Cause it’s gonna happen. Soon. Troy got some new kicks for his upcoming hiking trip with the grizzly bears. Fun was had by all. And I got to meet lots of nice peeps who like to hike. Oh, and I met this really old guy who is climbing Mt Killlomanjaro (sp?)…too cool.

What else? I got to go back to the gym yesterday. And it was SO-MUCH-FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anne was right…they do sell stationary bikes for a reason. I think I qualified for the Tour on that thing yesterday. I was so freakin happy about just being there among the sweat and the stink and the poor lighting. I rode the bike 9 miles in 25 minutes which according to my calculations is like 21 miles per hour. I think. Correct me if I’m wrong. Wait, don’t correct me. Just let me think that I’m really really fast, okay? But the crazy thing was that I actually had FUN on it. I alternated sitting upright with leaning down and climbing hills (it was my first time so I don’t know if those positions have names—hey Jeff: feel free to use what I just said to be funny). And I remembered Troy pointing out during some Tour watching about how the pros can pedal and their upper body doesn’t move a bit. So, I did some of that too. It was just F-U-N. I’m going back this evening and try the recumbent bike. We’ll see how much butt I kick on that thing!

All that stuff I put in my previous post about not eating chocolate or drinking coffee anymore…yeah, well, I lied. By Sunday morning I HAD to have some coffee or I just wasn’t going to make it anymore and several peeps made the well-put point that dark chocolate is GOOD for me. So, boo. Instead I’ve (no, Troy’s) bought Total Raisin Bran rather than the $1.25 generic brand and it has 100% of the daily recommended calcium. Couple that with my multivitamin that has 100% of the daily recommended Vit D and I think I’m set for now. If the doc tells me on the 21st to give it up, I will then. But only then. And you don’t want to be my friend that week if he tells me that. (Troy, you can still be my boyfriend though, okay? It will be too close to our 1 year anniversary for you to bail on me now)

I’m having a really hard time at work right now. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m so bored because I don’t have any projects because I’m leaving in 2 weeks and won’t be back for 3 months, or if it’s just that I’m burned out. But everyone (correction: the peeps on my lane) are getting on my nerves. Maybe it’s like sharing a room with your sister. After a while you’re just tired of looking at her. At any rate, as much as I DREAD going to Mississippi for 3 months, I am looking forward to the break from here (work that is) and the opportunity to work (go to school) with a new group of peeps…who will probably get on my nerves as well after 3 months…who knows.

Alright, I feel like I should have had so much more to talk about and I’m sure that I will remember when I’m not in a blog-ease moment. Oh well, at least I got something accomplished today.

Happy Running!


jeff said...


i had to email vatsyayana merx, the great indian cyclist, to find out for sure. the first was inverted praying landis and the last one was a reverse thunder god sprint.

Firefly's Running said...

It's good that your hubby enjoyed the massage. I am overdue for one - big time!

neese said...

i feel ya on the work thing, i was thinking of making a sign for my desk that says "I'd rather be running".

way to go on the bike, that is on my list to try!

KT said...

Starting to swim and enjoying the bike...sounds like a triathlete in the making...

I hate the recumbent. Will be eager to hear what you think of that vs. the traditional variety.