July 28, 2006

Bad Blogger

Sorry guys but I've been really really one-way for the last few weeks. I'm blogging. Alot. Well enough. But I haven't read hardly anybody elses. And I don't know why. I know I'm busy what with my trip coming up in a few days. But still. There is no excuse for it. Especially when you guys have been so good and cheered me on so much. I'm going to try and blame it on the fact that I don't want to read about other peeps running. You know, like the spoiled brat who doesn't want everyone else to have what she can't have. We all know her. I think I've taken over her role. Temporarily. Cause I get to start running on August 6 and I've already got a training schedule for the half and I can't wait to buy those new shoes I've had my eye on. But I'm gonna wait until I run in my old ones for a few weeks. You know, so I don't jinx myself or anything. I do apologize though. But feel that I will have PLENTY of time starting next week when I am condemed to Gulf Port, Misssissippi for 11 weeks (you know...I've been saying 10 weeks and just realized yesterday that it is in fact 11 weeks. Dangit!) Yes, I will have nothing better to do than study, look at hurricane damage, and blog. Oh, and call Troy. And I should have some good running updates. So, this is my I'm sorry. For being slack. And not cheering everyone else on. I'm being a brat. For now. But I'll be back. You mark my words. Probably sometime around next Wednesday. When the reality of 95+ degrees with no air conditioning (and yes, you read that correctly) sets in. And I can't go outside for fear of shriveling into a raisin. Then I'll be bloggin' and catchin up on all of ya'll. In the meantime, have some good runs.

Oh, one other thing. I went to Victorias Secret today to get a free pair of undies (there is a coupon for them in Women's Health). At any rate, of course they suckered me and I ended up picking up a whole bunch of other stuff. When I get to the register, sassy little 19 year old starts pressuring me to open an Angel Account. For those of you who don't know me (or Troy...gotta give credit where credit is pun intended) I am on a crusade to become debt free and have not lived off of credit in almost a year now. I've actually SAVED (gasp) and paid off a ton in this time, and by October 2008 I will have paid off everything I owe (including car, student loans, etc). I'm totally stoked about it, and so it has made me very cynical when it comes to the use of debt tools, ie credit cards. So, there we and the sales girl...and she's trying to force this Angel thing down my throat. And I finally say:

"I don't own any credit cards. Haven't for quite some time. And I don't believe in using them."

Do you think that shut her up? No.

She proceeded with:

"Well, how are going to build credit?"

Me: "I have already built credit over the last 15 years of my life and it has gotten me nowhere except in more debt. You don't need an Angel card to build credit."

Her: " Well, I hope you never have to take a loan out."


What did she just say?

Since when did Victoria's Secret start giving financial advice??? I promptly looked at her and said:

"You know what...take everything off. I've decided that I just want the free panties."

She: "are you sure"

Me: "Yep, and maybe next time you will think about what you are saying BEFORE you say it."

I left. Called Troy. We had a GOOD laugh about how naive this young girl is and how she can probably sit in her apartment closet full of Victoria's Secrets stuff at the end of the month and cry while she trys to figure out how to pay her maxxed out credit card. It's just such a shame. At any rate, I still wasn't finished. So, I called the store asked to speak to the manager and told her the whole tale. She apologized and said that although it is their policy to force feed us credit cards, it is not their policy to solicit financial advice. I felt better. Cause I know she just got in trouble. Troy told me that after I left they all probably gossiped about how "weird" I was for paying for everything with cash. That I was akin to the crazy cat lady. Thanks love.


Firefly's Running said...

Way to tell that gal at Vicki's. Maybe she will like the taste of her foot where it normally does not belong.

Anne said...

The woman should have kept her mouth shut, and it's true that store credit cards just make it harder to manage debt if you aren't careful. However, she was correct that you will have a lower credit score if you don't have available credit (i.e., at least one major credit card with a lot of available credit on it) and that may mean either you are rejected for a loan or, at the very least, you'll pay a higher interest rate that corresponds to your lower score. It's ass-backwards, of course. But people who pay cash for everything are penalized.

Wanna-be 5k-er said...

Debt free is awesome, props to you for that, that is very hard to do in this day when we get who-knows-how-many soliciations in the snail mail each day. GL on the rest of your debt-free journey:-) And on your recovery, too!

jeff said...

classic. word to the wise, do NOT mess with amy.

and yes, debt free is a fantastic way to live. who needs that crap hanging over their head?!

JustJunebug said...

good for you putting everything back!!!

Kurt said...

When the girl is in her eyeballs in debt I hope she finds Dave Ramsey and lives debt free. Funny how everyone eventually gets to the point of realizing they need to be debt free!

Amy said...

Not that I want to start any kind of debate, but the credit companies of America want all of to believe that we live and die by our "traditional" credit report. It of course couldn't be farther from the truth.

The only thing that I would borrow money for is a mortgage. And you do NOT have to have a credit history with one of the 3 major companies to do this. Of course, they won't tell you that. You do, though, have to do your own homework and find a lender that will approve a Non-Traditional Mortgage Credit Report (NTMCR) and do manual underwriting. Many lenders do this, but it's hard work, so why would they tell you about it? The NTMCR bases your credit history on proven payment records for rentals, insurance, phone companies, utilities, etc. In effect, they base it on necessities, not on how much "credit" you can build.

Like I said, it's easier for most people to get a Sears card, pay on it for 30 years, establish credit history, and then sign another 30 years of their life away to a mortgage lender.

Me? Well, I'm weird. I take the road less traveled. I choose to not be a slave to the lender. But, that's just me. This is a fiercly debated subject and I don't try to change anyone's opinion. That's not my motive. My motive is to make sure that the wealth that I accumulate is just that, mine. And hopefully in the process I can change my family tree.

Oh, and Kurt...gotta love Dave, huh?

neese said...

i am all about debt-free, no credit cards, neither myself or husband has had a card in several years.... we do have debit cards, so if the money is in our account to buy it, then great, if not, we don't buy it. i got buried past my eyeballs in my early 20's and finally made it out around 30 and will not go back there again. FREEDOM!

pinaypower said...

you go girl! i knew i didn't shop at vS for a reason.

and congrats on the debt free-ness! it's a state i'd like to live in too :)

Steffany said...

Oh, wow...I love this story so much. Furthermore, I can hardly believe that you manged to say and do exacty what I've dreamed of saying and doing in situations just like that one--but never before had the courage. I'm so impressed with you! Thanks for sharing--and thanks for setting the example. :) Next time I'm going to do just the same.

Liv said...

God, Amy, I'm with Jeff - remind me to never mess with you! :) You did right though, and good for you.

Liv said...

Oh and PS, you are very forgiven for the "bad blogger" stuff... I've been the same, lately! We can all catch up in due time.

Runner Chic said...

Amy - It must be in the air. i just blogged today for the first time in over a week.

Loved the story!


massoman said...

i love what you said, yes i do, i love it. congratulations on living debt free.

Running by.... said...

Living debt free is a great feeling! It's nice to know that there are a lot of people out there that share that sentiment.

RunnerGirl said...

Way to go on being debt-free soon! I only have car and school oans after this month.. I have paid off my last credit card today!

I do a credit card I use strictly for gas purchase only. It has a $200 limit (I requested) so I use it for gas and that is all.

You are an inspiration Amy! Keep running! I am adding your blog to mine.

Anonymous said...

Great race comming up in November that you should run while on the Mississippi Gulf Coast at the Stennis Space Center on the 25th.