June 19, 2006

Success feels good.

Got a call not only from the owner of [that gym], but also the President of the personal training national company (can't remember the name). At any rate, they were, as you would expect, extremely upset and shocked at the comments that were made to me and in the general manner that my situation was handled. They both offered to give me free gym membership and free personal training sessions (with a new trainer) but I declined both of them. I just have no desire to go back in there. I did tell them that they could pay my early termination fee for cancelling my contract. They'll get back to me on that, although I'm not holding my breath. I was pleased that they both heard me out. The owner had not heard of the incident until today and the President said all it would have taken was one call to the corporate office (by them, not me) and the problem would have been resolved. I'm glad it's over with and I'm glad that I got to vent and I'm glad that you guys listened.

Then I left and went to the doctors appointment from hell. Actually, it was just for a bone density x-ray but I had to hobble between 3 buildings, in and out of the 95 degree heat, on crutches, and kept getting sent to the wrong place. I finally just broke down and cried. They never even offered me a wheelchair. Some patient stopped and asked if she could help. It was pitiful. I was pitiful. I had just had enough today. Then I got to sit in the waiting room for almost 2 hours. At least the x-ray tech was smart enough to get someone to wheel me back to my car...because it was 3 buildings away!

I lifted some weights at home. That felt better. I tried to make myself break a sweat, but it never happened. I only have 5lb dumbells at home so I figured it was pointless. But I did get in some exercises, and a little ab work and am feeling a little better.


And it sucks that I have to wear this thing for several more weeks and who knows when he'll let me run again. Why do we always miss what we can't have???? I want the new Reebok 3d Lites and thought that might be a good birthday present, but since my birthday is on Saturday I think it just might make me sad to sit and look at them. So, I told Troy I wanted to wait to get least when he tells me a projected start-running date. Then I'll order them.

Speaking of birthdays...I have a big one coming up on Saturday...the Big 3-0. And I wore my hair pulled back today, just a little part of it, something I don't normally do, and what did I spy??? Two long grey hairs hiding under all that other hair. I guess that's what happens the week you turn 30....

Happy running!


neese said...

aww man i know that utter frustration that leads to breaking down in tears when it comes to dealing with doc visits! i'm so sorry you had to go through that!

Yeaeeeah your birthday is coming up!

Laura Lohr said...

Thank you for posting in my journal. You are so sweet! :-)

I am sorry you not being able to run. As you know (now), I was on bed rest for five months last year and it was awful to want to run so badly and know I could not. I would look out the window and see everyone walking their dogs, running, riding their bikes. Hang in there. Know it is not forever. You will be out there kicking butt and taking names again before too long!

Have a VERY happy 30th birthday Saturday and congratulations on all your accomplishments before you got to that milestone. You are awesome!!