June 19, 2006

Life's Sweet Victories

So, after much arguing with those nimrods at that gym on Friday, I made my way to the health club this morning to get my $319 back. I arrived at 8:47 and the owner was not in, but personal trainer guy was. He quickly ran outside, got his checkbook, and wrote me a personal check for said $319. I also inquired about the refund check that I am "supposed to get" and will in turn endorse over to him. He said he didn't know if anyone would ever see that money. Yeah, that's what I thought. That the 3rd party company that they deal with was having some major problems, blah blah blah, and that if I did get a check just drop it off to him. On to my sweet victories!

Sweet Victory #1: Obviously, I got my money back.

Sweet Victory #2: The bank that he wrote the check on was virtually in the parking lot with the gym so no need to drive around or deposit the check and hope that it was good.

Sweet Victory #3: I got a small dent repaired in my VW after my gym visit and it turns out while the guy was repairing my ding, he got a call from the gym owner, who coincindentally (sp) has a ding in his car. I told dent boy all about my earlier fiasco and other such gym related matters. Maybe dent boy will pass on the info to gym owner??? That would be sweet victory #3, because remember personal trainer boy said that I could not impact their business??

And that leads me to Sweet Victory #4: go to Google and type in [that gym] and take a look at the first link (and click on it so that it will stay at the top!)

I'm wondering, from an auditor's perspective, what exactly is going on. And what the owner really doesn't's all a very interesting situation, but I got my money back and am in the process of cancelling the entire gym membership. So, I'm super-happy this morning!

In other running news: Troy ran 6 miles on Saturday. He said it was hard, because 1. it was hot as Haiti's outside, and 2. he realized about 4 miles in that he hadn't had any water...he ran it 52 minutes, which gave him an 8:40 pace...much different than that 11:30 pace he was keeping with me. I'm glad that he's able to get out and continue to run.

As for me, I'm trying to not get depressed about not being able to run. I just really really miss doing anything cardio related period. I've decided to start working on upper body strength and abs while I'm in this cast. The ortho did say that I could start swimming around week 5, so I look forward to that!

Have a great week!


jeff said...

awesome. i did every combined google search i could think of and made sure to find your link and click on it. that'll teach them to mess with the internets!

jeanne said...

such bast***ds!! it's been scientifically proven that an unhappy customer will tell more people than a happy customer. what nimrods is right!