June 13, 2006

I'm falling apart....

I leave in exactly 10 minutes to go pick up a copy of my x-rays from yesterday. They are of my left foot. Yes, the same one that I injured back in February. Then I have a 2pm appointment with my orthopedist (not as hot as KT and Erins former orthopedist) to see if what was diagnosed as a fracture yesterday, is indeed a fracture.

People, I will be 30 in less than two weeks. So far this year, I have had my pancreas poked and prodded for tumors, tendonitis in my left ankle, numerous visits to physical therapy, and now a possible fracture. I've been sick to my stomach on numerous occasions and taken way more pepto bismol than I ever thought was possible for one human being.

What makes it even scarier is that the doctor questioned my former method of birth control (depo provera) and told me all these horror stories about irreversable bone damage by taking it. Read more here. Nice....

And all of this happened on a short recovery run on Sunday (note: if you are a member of my family or someone that I work with, I told you that I fell down the stairs and injured myself. Because more than likely you were one of those people that said "you're going to hurt yourself running" and well, I'm not about to give you that satisfaction.)

Will update more as the day progresses.


jeff said...

hang tough, amy. remember, bones heal, muscle strains heal, sore joints recover.

but sitting on your *ss on the couch, telling runners that they're going to hurt themselves does NOTHING to better their lives.

based on what i've read here, you're experiencing a life well lived. so, you've got that going for you.

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

It will get better. Remember back when we were all younger and we thought 30 was "SO old." Well, here we all are and it's not THAT old.

pinaypower said...

it looks like you've bounced back every time, so i'm sure that whatever this is, you'll face it head on just the same :)