June 15, 2006

I heart my job

Okay, so really I don't really like my job so much...but I get to telework at least through next Monday, and that is SWEET. Also means that I can catch up on everyone else's blogging life...did I just say that????

I just went and gorged myself at Olive Garden with Kat. Salad, lasagna, bread sticks (yes, with an "s"...I had 2), diet coke that tasted like coke that the girl swore she taste tested and it was coke zero...right, and chocolate mousse cake goody something or other. It was fun. And I feel like just rolling myself onto the couch to watch primetime tv. And the company wasn't so bad!!!! I think that's the first time that Kat and I have had dinner together sans baby or husband since pre-baby! It felt like a real grown up dinner...well, until I started talking I'm sure. And thanks John for baby sitting that what it's called when it's your baby??? I don't think so. Anyway, it was fun and nice to get out of the house for a little while.

Actually, I'm not going to watch tv. I'm ACTUALLY going to study so that I can finish my certification exam. I took one part a few months ago, then got preoccupied with this running stuff and kindof forgot about the other 3 parts. And, well, since I'm not going to be "fast feet Amy" anytime soon, I guess I should spend my time studying. Yuck. Makes me think it would be nicer to go to work.....

I wonder if my blog is going to be really really boring without any running updates....maybe I'll post Troy's running updates. Or, I can talk about how hot my arms are going to be after walking on these crutches for 3 weeks. Yes...when they start to get hot I will talk about them...for now, I'm off to study. Boo for that.

Happy running!

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Kat said...

Yep - dinner was much needed - and maybe I need to take up running to get some of the calories off -
From your previous post, of course you can come swimming - you have an open invite
And, happily, I think the little one DID miss me while I was gone - she was crying and awake when I got here so I ended up putting her to bed. And any child that can fall asleep to me singing "Love's Recovery" and "Running to Stand Still" loves me - VERY MUCH.
Have a good day teleworking. Call me if you want-