June 13, 2006

Boot Envy

First of all I want to say THANKS to all the peeps who have posted comments and sent me emails regarding my recent marathon debut! I think most of us never really know who reads our blog. Sure, we all have our regular fans but it's so awesome to see that I had so many stalkers. I'm trying to put a link to everyone's blog over on the right side...but sometimes life gets in the way! So, I just wanted to say Thanks!!!!! It means alot to read your comments!!!

On to the foot situation:

Cost of left foot x-ray: $15 (thanks Blue Cross Blue Shield)
Cost of one set of crutches: $39.99 (no thanks to BCBS)
Cost of one day of missed work due to orthopedist visit: nothing (thanks sick leave!)
Cost of your orthopedist trying to embarrass you in front of 20+ other patients in the waiting room by personally coming out to get you and shouting "Fast Feet Amy": priceless

This also leads me to believe that our relationship (the ortho and mine) has moved on to a new dimension that leaves me a little perplexed and sorta happy at the same time. I mean who else has a doctor that makes a debut in the waiting room just to get them...but then at the same time, should we be having this type of relationship???

Diagnosis: One definite fracture at the 4th metarsal bone, where it meets the lateral cuneiform bone and possibly another on the 5th metatarsal bone, where it meets the cuboid bone. Okay, well, actually he pointed at the x-rays and said "yep, this looks like a fracture...very suspicious...and you might have an old bone chip in there...and yes, here is a fracture." I did a google search and expanded my vocabulary based on his "yeses" and "yeps".

He said that my bones were like wooden throat depressers during the marathon. They would bend and give and bend and give during the entire 26.2 miles. Then I rested. But not long enough. When I decided that it was time to run again my bones gave me about a 1.5 miles before they had just had enough and snapped (and at that moment in the conversation, he snapped the throat depresser until it made a crack...and at that moment I felt really really bad for my bones.)

Recovery: back to the boot + crutches for one week. Then the boot and one crutch for one week. Then one of those ugly orthopedic shoes plus one crutch for one week. Then back to him for eval.

He was concerned with the whole depo provera thing I mentioned earlier today and had them schedule a bone scan on Monday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my bones are just fine. I mean irreversable bone damage at 30 just doesn't sound like fun at all.

These will be my new friends for a few weeks. I know you are jealous of that pretty boot....And yes, I do have another crutch but since my computer is upstairs and my food is downstairs I (okay, it was T's idea) decided that I should leave one at the bottom of the stairs rather than drag two upstairs everytime I go up. I knew I liked T for some reason...he's soooooooooooooooooo smart :)

Alright, I know this is kindof creepy and I apologize to T in advance because he hates stuff like this...but it's just weird. I can bend all of my toes on my right foot, but on my left I can't bend all of them and the 4th toe just sticks straight out. It doesn't hurt which I guess is okay. I asked the doc and he said it's because of all the swelling over the tendons. Okay, well that sounds logical but it really is kindof neat....

And finally, he DID NOT tell me that my running career was doomed. He did say it would 6 or more weeks before I could put my shoes back on and that he wanted me to start trying to swim more around week 5. So, Kat and John, can I come swim at your house???? He seemed to think that there is nothing precluding me from still running the Atlanta Marathon on Thanksgiving day! Yahoo!

Alright, I'm off to catch up on ya'lls blogs!


Running by.... said...

You poor girl! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your bone scan. Hopefully, you'll be up and running in 6 weeks. Enjoy the pool--Perfect time of a year to get a nice tan!

KT said...

Yay for Atlanta...

Big, fat boo on everything else. That sucks so much! At least this happened AFTER the marathon. If this is anything like my stress fracture, you'll come back stronger.

Hee on your orthopedist not being that hot. But new, non-hot orthopedist has kicked hot orthopedist's ass so far!

Phil said...


6 weeks is nothing in the greater scheme of things. I was pretty sure that you were a real runner by reading (or as you said, stalking) through you blog as you prepared for San Diego. You left all doubt behind when you left the otho docs office with a grim diagnoses of a broken foot and the first thing you thought of was running in your next marathon.

You'll heal quickly and be back stronger and faster than ever.



lauralohr said...

MAN, that stinks. It might be good to get some cross-training for a while. Geez, I didn't look at your blog for like a day and BLAM, you're on crutches. Get better soon.

BTW, I really appreciate the comments in my blog. You are awesome:-)

I put you in my blogroll too:-)

John said...

Gah! Freeky feets!

Susan said...

"Fast Feet Amy" Hee. Priceless is true. Heal quickly Amy.

runnergirl said...

I'm sorry to hear about the injuries, but glad that you will be back to running in no time! Just think of it as a good excuse to avoid training in the worst of the summer heat, and you'll be healed and back in your running shoes before you know it.

Anne said...

Yikes, Amy! And I thought I was having a hard time after the marathon.... That's a nice boot, nicer than the one I had a few years ago. I'm glad you won't have to use it for too, too long. That's just so bizarre when I think of the tongue depressor simulation. Like I said: Yikes!

pinaypower said...

just think, your new "accessories" will always get you a seat on the bus or subway or crowded bars.

but i'm glad you're on the road to recovery!

Liv said...

That is one hell of a sexy boot. Kinda space-age. Lol. In all seriousness, I'm sure you'll be back on your feet in no time, injuries haven't been known to slow you down, "Fast Feet Amy"!

K said...

I've been stalking your blog as well! I ran my first marathon back on Nov 26th (Seattle Marathon). My left foot had been bothering me since late August but I always (probably very stupidly) ran through it. Amazingly it didn't bother me during the actual marathon. But now it's starting to act up again. I decided if I want to run another marathon (which I do!) that I should probably get it checked out. Just had an MRI today and will find out next week what the diagnosis is. I'm afraid it could be a stress fracture. I'm glad to know you were able to recover and I can totally relate to your experience. If it turns out to be a stress fracture I'll be sure to read up on how you made it through! :)

Good luck with the 2nd marathon training!


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