June 27, 2006

10 Nice Things on my 30th Birthday Weekend

Here is the long awaited post about how great, wonderful, and fabulous my 30th birthday truly was (despite yesterday's post!)

It all started out with Troy wanting to take me somewhere since I wanted to cancel the "super sweet sixteen" with P-Diddy. I wanted to go to the beach, because I figured with my leg in a cast I would be right at home in a beach chair with a mojito in my hand. Savannah is close to here, so he tried to get reservations at a bed & breakfast in old Savannah and then we could spend our days lounging at Tybee. Well, that sorta fell through for several reasons and I just kindof got frustrated and said let's scratch it and go on a weekend that i'm not in a cast. Troy wouldn't hear of it. He promptly called me back, said we were going to the beach so pack my bags. And he wasn't telling me where we were going. Yahoo for surprises!!!!

Friday afternoon (cause we are NOT mornin peeps) we finally get in the car and head out. Well, head south. On I-75. So, I knew that meant we were going to Florida. He had originally said it was 3 hours away, then 4, then 4 and 1/2, then finally 5. We got off the interstate in Tifton so I then knew that we were headed to the panhandle of FL. But, I knew that Destin was more than 5 hours away, and I knew (okay, prayed) that he wasn't taking me to Panama City. Other than that, I was clueless.

So, we just drove and I decided that it would be a good idea to start my intoxication about 25 minutes into the drive. Cast on leg = no running = drinking beer! Yahoo for stress fractures (hey, I know how to make lemonade out of lemons! I also know how to make mojitos out of lemons too, but that's another story). So, this starts the nice things that Troy did. Nice Thing #1. Filled the cooler with my fav beer, Heineken.

So, we drove and about 40 miles out I kindof figured out that we were going to Apalachacola (sp) and St George Island. So, we get there and we are staying at The Coombs House Inn (Click). A bed and breakfast. It was so nice and pretty and Estella and Anna greeted us at the door and Anna is Italian so we started talking about where our families were from and I just loved it. Nice thing #2: Made reservations at a bed and breakfast. Now, here is the part where I tell you that if you have never stayed at one you are missing out. I felt like I was staying at a friends house (okay, so a really rich friend but friend no less). It was quiet and pretty and old and authentic. It was just great. And the keepers (Estella and Anna) were just perfect. They gave us umbrellas and towels and beach chairs for the beach, they told us the history of the old house, they even gave Troy a tour. We met lots of really nice people (the other guests) at the wine reception and they showed us secret passage ways. And the breakfast. It.Was.Great. Stratas and fruit and muffins and yogurt and coffee and cereal and it was all so good.

After we checked in we went to Steamers and had a bucket of seafood and made a mess and ate a ton and when Troy gets back from SC I'll post the pic we got with the table a mess from all of our shells and napkins and it was just perfect. Then we went to the Night Owl for a beer...and Troy...well...he feel in love while we were there...[clears throat] Not with me. Heather Lutrell (click) was there. I know...I know...I didn't know who she was either. Apparently she was on that reality show where INXS was trying to find a new lead singer. And not only did Troy follow the show, but he also followed her on the show. It was pretty hilarious. Troy was so star struck...he had little twinkles around his eyes and was drooling a bit and wouldn't go talk to her. It was funny (and okay, so he wasn't drooling). After some coaxing from his girlfriend, he did finally talk to her and shook her hand (which he rarely does!) and it took me 3 days to get him to wash that hand! Okay, so that isn't true either, but didn't it make the story sound better??? So, Troy got to see someone famous. And I did too. And that was cool.

Saturday morning I woke up to Troy singing me happy birthday. The entire song. And it was sweet and I realized at that moment that no one had ever woken me up that way and that's why that is Nice Thing #3 he did for me. And then #4: he let me sleep in a bit. After breakfast we headed over to St George Island for some sun!!!! Nice thing #5: he carried EVERYTHING down to the beach all by himself. He wouldn't let me lift a finger. He carried my chair first, laid my towel across it and told me to sit. I felt like a princess. Oh...back up. Before we headed over to the beach we went to this little sandwich shop (click) where had preordered us a picnic lunch that was great! So, now he is up to nice thing #6. And we're not even half way done!

I was having trouble getting in the water because of my foot. I took the cast off but just felt really unstable. So, nice thing #7: he picks me up, puts me on a raft he purchased and pushed me out in the water and just hung out with me while I sunbathed and he made sure I didn't float away. And when it was time to get out of the water...he picked me up, carried me out of the ocean and all the way back to my chair where he lowered me down like I was, well a princess. He is just too much ya'll.

So, we hung out at the beach for several hours before packing up and heading back to the Inn. They were having a wine reception at 6pm and we really wanted to go. When we got back to the Inn, Estella and Anna had come in and hung a Happy Birthday banner in our room! They are too sweet!!!! On to the reception where we had some good wine and made some new friends. Halfway through Estella and Anna come in chiming on a glass to get everyone's attention. Why, you ask? To announce that it was my birthday! I felt so very special. Everyone clapped and then started to sing. 20 people that I didn't know all sitting there singing to me! It was so much fun and something that I will never forget. Nice thing #8: he made sure EVERYONE knew it was my birthday!

We had dinner reservations at Chef Eddie's Magnolia Grill (click) at 8. The food was fabulous. I had the snapper stuffed with crab with a side of spicy rice and vegetables. It was great! I wished that I could have eaten all of it but I wanted to save room for dessert. By the way, over the course of the day Troy kept giving me these silly birthday cards. The one he gave me in the restaurant was about being serenaded on my birthday. Well, I didn't think anything about it because I had already been serenaded by the hotel guests. Just when I thought that, Chef Eddie comes strolling out...this very large, six foot tall man, singing acapella "Happy Birthday". He had a beautiful voice and was singing it as he was walking into the room that we were in. It was so much better than being serenaded by 10 servers who are just ready for you to leave so they can turn their table. And even better than that, and also nice thing #9: He was carrying a HUGE, beautiful chocolate cake. Not some sheet cake. But a hand made chocolate rasberry bomb with chocolate truffels and rasberry jam in between the layers. It had 8 strawberries on top that were the size of my hands. It was the prettiest cake I had ever seen. And most importantly, it was for me. No pun intended, but it was the icing on the cake. Troy had made this day so special already, and to think that he had called a restaurant 300 miles away and asked them to make me a cake? He is just something else.

We had cake and wine and decided to head back to the hotel rather than risking another night with Heather Lutrell (and possibly risking a huge hangover the next day). I can't believe I'm going to admit this but I turned 30 at exactly 10:23pm and Troy and I fell asleep at 10:19pm. very sad.

Sunday we drove around Apalachacola (sp) and then down to Port St Joe and Mexico Beach. I can't do much walking so this was sortof a scenic trip. We had a great lunch at the marina in St Joe and then some ice cream in Apalachacola and then headed back to Macon.

Insert Nice thing #10: Remember that present I took a pic of last week? Well, it turned out to be this purse that I had even forgotten that I showed him. He remembered though. Like he always does. And i freakin LOVE IT! Don't you???? (click)

I'm sorry to disappoint any one who was looking for a crazy story. There was no drunken party or all nighter. It was just a very simple, quiet, relaxing birthday. It was a birthday where every detail had been preplanned and I didn't have to do anything except keep a smile on my face. And that is exactly what I did. I couldn't have asked for a much better weekend.

Troy is such a great boyfriend. I don't know how girls have let him get away. My life over the past 11 months has been more perfect than the last 30 years combined. And he's helped it be that way. Without even trying.

As you read in yesterday's post I've had some family-drama lately. But I'm going to take a fellow bloggers advice and start being thankful for the things that I have and stop grieving over the things that I don't. I am thankful each and every morning that I get to wake up next to Troy. That each day I'm going to talk to him on the telephone. And that each evening I'm going to sit next to him on the couch. I am thankful just to have him in my life and to know that he will be there tomorrow. That I am sure of.

I'm thankful for alot of things right now. All my friends, blogger and non-blogger, who have told me to suck it up with the family. And that they love me. And that they will always be here for me. I can't believe that I felt lonely for a minute yesterday. I'm thankful that I've got two legs, even though one of them I can't run on right now. I'm thankful that I've got tomorrow to smile about. I'm thankful that it took just one year in my life to realize what I'm truly capable of.

And I'm thankful, so very thankful that I got to spend my 30th birthday with the love of my life.


runnergirl said...

Aww! Troy sounds like a sweetheart. You are a very very lucky girl. I'm glad to hear that there were so many good points to your birthday!

Laurie said...

Your birthday sounds absolutely wonderful. Troy definitely sounds like a keeper. Happy 30th!

Firefly's Running said...

Wow! I would LOVE to get my husband to do that for ME. The seafood sounds SO wonderful! Happy birthday!

pinaypower said...

jesus christ, reading this made me cry! how very very wonderful for you two! there really is no better gift in life than having someone love you as much as troy obviously does!

i winder when we'll start hearing about the "w" word.....

Runner Chic said...


My 30's have been my best years. I found running and my sweetheart of a husband. You sound like you had a wonderful time.

As for your family... if you allow them to hurt you so deep that it takes away from your own happiness then you just need to step away and not kill yourself over always doing for them. be part of the family but be HAPPY!!

You sound like you have it all under control now.


Anne said...

Those are indeed very nice things to be thankful for and a heck of a birthday gift from Troy. You better hold on to that one!

thatredheadedlady said...

Truly terrific! We both have great guys to be thankful for. Did you read my post before you wrote this, by any chance, or is this just a coincidence?