May 25, 2006

What's next?

The person in this world that I think is the smartest told me that "shapely" is an old-school word (my term, not hers) for hot (another one of my words, not hers). That person is my mom and since she is old school and not so hot, I figure she would know. Let me back up...that was mean to say my moms not hot, but she's my mom and as far as I'm concerned shes had sex 3 times in her life. End of story. I do think my mom has a beautiful, untarnished face. She's never been much a sun worshiper, or a makeup wearer and now that she's approaching 60 she has this natural beauty about her face that I just think is, well, beautiful. Anyway, enough about my mom.

10 days and counting and I've already decided what I'm gonna do next. It's here. And it's on 1-7-2007. And I have a love for 7's, so I think this is next. I've already mapped out a training schedule. I'm such a nerd. But really, this is the only goal that I've set my mind to and not let anything stand in my way. Not bad shoes, not slow running, not even a cast has stopped me. And I just love it. This is my thing. The thing that I've been looking for when I volunteer, when I can't say no, when I try to do it all. This is what I was supposed to be doing. And now I'm doing it.

My aunt and uncle are in town this weekend and my aunt was asking me about all my volunteer activities. The last time I saw her I think I was signed up to do everything volunteer-related within a 50 mile radius of my home town. And it felt so good to tell her that the activities were ending and that I wasn't renewing my membership, because I'd found what I was looking for: running. It was really kind of cool because she's followed my ups and downs over the last several years and to finally look someone in the eyes and tell them I'm happier than I have ever been in my life. That everything is great. That I have a fabulous boyfriend. That I have a new passion in running. That my careeer is going well. That I'm going to be just fine. Well, it just felt like I had made it. No more trying to impress people with my overachieving skills. No more trying to cover up mistakes and look like the picture of perfection. No more. Now, I'm just me doing my thing and enjoying every minute of it!

I still miss T and will say that every day until he gets back...I just do.

Have a great holiday weekend!


Phil said...

Best of luck in San Diego.

It seems as if every runner in North America except me is going to San Diego next week.

If you want to check out the competition, take a look this fellow blogger from Tucson Arizona(ChampionsEveryWhere). He ran a 16:07 5k this past weekend as part of his tapper.

I know you'll have a great race. The weather should be fabulous and the everyone I know that is going is looking forward to a great time.


Runner Chic said...

You’re closing in!! All that hard work, sweat, and heart is just about to pay off.

Excited to see your new goal of Disney World. My husband and I both have signed up and will be traveling with a group of 15 plus runners and their family here from Greenville, SC. I can HARDLY wait!!!!

Good luck on the Marathon and just remember to enjoy it!!!!!

runninturnip said...

That is an awesome decision on all parts! The key to being happy is knowing who you are, accepting it and following it no matter what.

pinaypower said...

i'm so happy for you! you should be proud at how far you've come! and how much more you have to look forward to! :)

Liv said...

I've heard that people sometimes get into a slump after a marathon, because they've accomplished their huge goal and are feeling kind of lost. So way to insure yourself against the post-race blahs! Besides, the Disney Marathon is supposed to be one of the most fun. Woohoo!

Phil said...


Congratulations on your 5 hour finish! When do we get a full report?

Also, are your really from Warner Robins? Having run at my dad's house in Macon during the summer, I certainly understand what you were going through to train for the San Diego marathon. It may have been 112 in Phoenix this past weekend, but the humidity was under 10%.

I wish you the best training for the Walt Disney Marathon. You've certainly got more stamina than most of us.