May 10, 2006

Things To Do

I was thinking about my earlier post and how I put that the marathon was in 24 days, and it got me to thinking...I have ALOT of stuff to do between now and what better way to start than with a list??

May 10: Freak out about all the stuff I have to do
May 11: Relay for Life Committee Meeting
May 12: Meet with personal trainer/Meet with American Cancer Society/Pick nephew up from school, take to movie, feed lots of popcorn and icecream...send home to his mom all junked up on sugar :)
May 13: Go to Birmingham for Dave Ramsey Live Event and come back (all in one day!)
May 14: Cook dinner for all the moms in my life, oh and take nephew to Air Show, oh and run 17 miles
May 15: Relay For Life Bank Night
May 16: Relay For Life Bank Night
May 17: Freak out about upcoming Relay for Life Event
May 18: Freak out some more (get some sleep for Relay!)
May 19: Relay for Life Event...stay til Saturday morning
May 20: Relay for Life Event, then sleep some, then meet friends for birthday dinner
May 21: Take niece/nephew to the GA Music Hall of Fame, run 19 miles
May 22 - 25: Study
May 26: Take 2nd part of certification exam
May 29: Celebrate Memorial Day by having beer and bbq??? Or maybe just catch up on sleep..
May 30: Leave for San Diego
May 31 - June 2: Attend conference in San Diego
June 2: T comes to San Diego
June 3: Hang out with T in San Diego
June 4: Run Marathon

That list does not include sleeping, working, grocery shopping, packing, easy runs, taper runs, laundry, buying Mothers Day gifts/birthday gifts, and any other misc things that I might be required to do.

Can you tell I'm procrastinating????

BTW, I crossed off #11 in that pic's N/A to me. Duh, I'm about to run a marathon :)


Jim said...

thanks for the accolades and letting me be your hero! I am still amazed at what a body can do if the mind just gets out of the way. I am now focused on your marathon and will be posting to your blog regularly to try to keep you inspired . . . like you really need it!

And I can always help add more to your "to do" list. Anything to help drive you crazy ;)


"Do or do not. There is no try"

Sue said...

I LOVE that "to do list" you've got at the top with the "panic" bit, that is SO me!!!