May 27, 2006

Taper Less

As most of you know (but it's worth repeating), I was injured and unable to run for 6 weeks during my training. I have made a strong comeback, I must say, but that 6 weeks has cost me a taper. I know I'll be fine. Because 1) I feel fine and 2) I'm run/walking the whole thing. Because I'm taperless I still have one more long run of 19 miles tomorrow morning.

Now, I must explain that I live in Georgia. And it is hot here. No, that is an understatement. It's freakin hot people! 80 degrees and 100% humidity at 7am...makes for a nice day. So, that really screws you up when you're trying to plan a run of approximately 3:45. By 10:30am last week, it was 92 degrees! I ran 3 miles yesterday at 9:30am and thought I was gonna die. And I don't like to run in the dark...not cause I'm scared, but just because I tend to look down so I won't trip and that really really hurts my neck. But, I've got to pick my battle. Sore neck, or heat exhaustion. Which will I choose??? Well, I'm choosing the neck pain. Because if I get up early enough and run in the dark, then I will finish early, and I will have the entire day to put heat on my neck. So, we are starting at 5:00 AM. Yes, I said AM. And no, T has not been informed of this yet. I briefly mentioned that we would have to start really really early, but I think he was thinking...ummm...7am. Sorry charlie. We'll get up at 4:30, put some heat on my ankle, have a snack, drive the route and put out water and food and then we're outta here. At 5 AM.

I've got to break the news to T who stated just yesterday "we ran 17 miles last week, do you really think that we need to do any more long runs?" I really don't know the answer to that question, physiologically speaking. But mentally speaking, I need to do this run. I need it for validation that I will finish in San Diego. I need to check that box. I need to say that I did everything that I could possibly do when I step out there next week. I just have to do it.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I felt like at some point I would cry. Not tears of anger or regret or sadness. But tears of joy and accomplishment. That will probably happen tomorrow. When I realize that this is it. Aside from a couple of very short easy runs next week, tomorrow is it. Tomorrow I will be able to say that I did everything that I could possibly do to prepare myself for the challenge. And that, will make me cry.

Well, if I'm getting up at 4:30am, guess it's time to go to bed (haha). Have a great weekend!


Liv said...

Way to go Amy! That's some crazy commitment.

T will still love you, 5am or no 5am :)

Jess said...

I understand your complaint about the heat; I live in South Florida, so I feel your pain sister.

JustJunebug said...

i live in the south too...houston, and no one will ever understand how freaking hot, humid and generally unbearable it is.

especially for runners in the summer.

Phil said...


I feel your pain! Living in central Arizona, I know I need to complete my daily runs before the sun is too high on the horizon. But at least it is dry here. My dad lives in Macon and keep up with my running whenever I visit. Every mile that I run in Macon reminds me why I live in Arizona. It takes real guts to run in high humidity. I'm glad I didn't try to start running while living in central Georgia. I would have stopped after my first day out.

But eneough talk about our lousy hot weather. You're going to run a marathon in San Diego and the oppresive heat will be a distant memory 10 feet after passing the start line.

I had the opportunity to run in Carlsbad (40 miles north of San Diego) this weekend and had a great time. There is nothing like running along the coast line on cool spring morning. You'll love it and will have a great time.

Best of luck this weekend.


fedex1one said...

Hey Amy,

Nice talking to you at the san diego convention center. And if you're running NYC, lemme know.

Hey, and good luck on Sunday. I'm sure you'll be fine.