May 23, 2006

T, Fannie Mae, and American Idol

What to T, Fannie Mae, and American Idol all have in common? [drum roll please] They are all mentioned in this post.

T is out of town...again. This time he left for Alabama, then drove back across GA to SC (or maybe it was NC???) At any rate, he's been busy today! I'm not sure how long he will be gone. I can be certain that I will miss immensly (even if I don't spell that word right). I feel really really lost when he's not here. I guess that is good? It's like my soul has lost it's mate for a few days. But, I know that he has work to do. He is living like no one else now so that later on he can live like no one else (Click). And I totally understand, agree, support him, will be waiting right here when he gets back. But, in the meantime, I'll just miss him ALOT!

Next Topic:
So, FannieMae was fined $400 million dollars for an $11 billion accounting scandal. Does anyone else wonder why they get to keep the other $10.6 billion that they embezzeled? Or is it just me, the accountant who is tired of getting slammed for a few (okay, alot) of corrupt corporate executives hiring accountants who turn a blind eye to overstated profits? The list of accounting snafus that they made is enormous...and just sickening. How can ethics, morality, and just good judgement be thrown out the window at a moment's notice? I'm just so tired of it. Soon, we as accountants, will be put on the same pedastal that most attorney's are put on(sorry guys...). And how can that be? What we do is not judgmental. It is all based in regulations, laws, fact. We don't value a company at whatever we think it should be, we value it at what it is worth, in dollars, yens, shares, etc. And besides all of that, what about all those people that they are taking money from? I'm just so through with it. Anyway, that's enough about that.

Tonight is the final-to-the-final episode of American Idol. I never watched the first season. I got hooked on the 2nd...and even (shamefully admitting) that I voted several times for Ruben (I mean, c'mon "205"...who could forget that?). The other seasons are a blur. I saw some of Fantasia, liked her, but just wasn't really really hooked. Well, that changed this year. Minus the calling in every week (I REFUSE TO DO IT!) I have watched faithfully as all my favs got kicked by one...Chicken Little, Paris, Kelly, Chris...I'm going to be honest though: I did not like Taylor when I saw his audition. I thought "are you kidding?" There is no way that he is "America's Idol". I just really really didn't get it. And honestly, I still don't. I think he's got a great, different voice. But all that jerking around?? Why hasn't someone stopped him already? And really, when are they going to dye the hair??...cause you know that it's gonna happen. I don't get why he has hung on so long. But, with that being said, I really really hope that he wins tomorrow night. I don't know why. Maybe it's the same reason that America has voted him through to the last round. Maybe none of us really know what it is that keeps us on the edge of our seat. Or, maybe it's because we all know that Kat McPhee will make it. She made it during her audition, then she signed that contract when she sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" last week...she doesn't need to win because she's already won. Taylor is like the underdog. The one that doesn't fit the mold. The one that will open the doors for future Idols, kindof like Constantine did for the rock genre. I hope Taylor wins. Heck, I might even text the word "vote" to some number that will probably charge me a few bucks...but then it just might be worth it, right?

Amy out.

(Yeah, I can't believe I said it either...)

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