May 12, 2006

The Rat Race Begins

Well, today is the official start of my 8,000 things that I have to get done. I overslept (nice), have to meet a personal trainer, run 4 miles, finish Mothers Day shopping, catch up on my bookkeeping client, meet with the American Cancer Society, and end with picking my nephew up from school and taking him to a movie. Tomorrow I'm going to Birmingham and back, then Sunday starts with 17 mile run, then drive to my parents house and make dinner for all the mom's in my life....Yikes!!!!!

And I do need to apologize 1) for the pic of my toes...that was just gross and 2) for the toe sucking comments made by T. HE DOES NOT SUCK MY TOES. Just wanted to make that clear. That's gross :(

T is back for the weekend though, yahoo! Such a sweetie. He was going to go back on Sunday but changed his mind so that I don't have to run 17 miles by myself on Sunday morning....what did I do to deserve all of this????

Oh well, on to the rat race. Sunday is 17 miles...still can't believe it....

Have a great weekend!


turnip said...

hee hee, toes....
Good luck on your 17 mile run, it sounds like your training is really back on the ball!

Liv said...

You two are so cute, all toe sucking aside :)

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

Toe sucking is highly under rated in my opinion. Ha, just kidding.

Hope your getting all your stuff done with some degree of success.

Sue said...

wow 17 miles sounds SO scary, good luck with it!