May 21, 2006

Getting Back to Normal

So, Relay for Life was this weekend. The following happened:
1. I stayed up for exactly 24 hours.
2. I made a girl cry.
3. I made another girl cry.
4. We raised over $275,000 most of which filtered through my hot little hands over the last 4 months.
5. I cried when they sang The Star Spangled Banner at the opening ceromonies.
6. Nutrition for those 24 hours consisted of 7 bottles of water, 3 cups of coffee, 3 muffin tops, and one pancake.
7. T drove all the way home from Alabama, passed home and kept on driving to meet me around midnight. Then he proceeded to assist us in any way possible all the while making jokes and having us very very tired volunteers cracking up. Guys, he-is-something-else.
8. T almost fell asleep at the wheel on the way home. I was talking to him on the phone while we drove and he said "my voice was putting him to sleep..."
9. My brother and niece came out to do the memory walk with me. My cutie, 5 year old niece, when being told why we walk in memory of people who have passed away, said "like my little sister that I used to have". That was the first time I have ever seen my brother cry.
10. Most importantly, it is over. Let me repeat that...IT IS OVER. Let the parties begin.

On a running note, I can tell my life is getting back to normal. T and I ran that 17 miles this morning. It was 92 degrees by the time we got home. Do you think that 26.2 miles in 70 degree temps equates to 17 miles in 90 degree temps? Just wondered. We made it. It was hard for us both for various reasons. For me, it was the heat. For him, I think it was the fact that he's been so busy in Alabama that he hasn't had much time to do short runs during the week. And then we saw his cousin who occupied about 40 total minutes (we saw him twice) and I think that screwed both of us. But, we finished and went and had our obligatory beer and came home and fell asleep on the floor. We did it. One more long run and then the hay will be in the barn. 19 miles next Sunday (or Saturday, depending on the weather).

Gosh, I really thought I would have more to say about 17 miles, but I guess eventually it just starts becoming "another long run..." I still wouldn't change that for the world....

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pinaypower said...

wow. i can't wait til i can say 17 miles is just another long run...

glad you got one huge thing knocked off your list and things are returning to normal.