May 10, 2006

Dear T,

Would you please come home soon? That cat hates me and I have posted to my blog 5 times in the last 2 days. I'm bordering on being pathetic. I've been to the grocery store, the gym, and to RFS to get some more Gu, and I'm still bored. I should have gone into work today. At least that would have taken the edge off. It's only 6pm and I've eaten dinner, showered, and done my AM prep work. By the way, I picked up your old shoes that you left at RFS. You can thank me when you get home. Also, talked with Perry about my toe situation. He was a little amazed that I was not having trouble with my Mortons toe, but the 3rd and 4th one. He suggested taking the Spencos out and putting the factory insoles back in and putting body glide on said toes before my next long run. Since I was so bored, I took a picture of my toes. In case you forgot how mangled they look.

I love you so very much. Please come home soon.
The cat said hi, and that she hates me.



jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

What a sweet post to T.
Who is in the military, him or you?
Congrats on the 10 minute miles.

Jim said...

I cannot believe that you posted a picture of your foot!

You sound almost as bored as I am. It has only been three days since I ran Flying Pig and I am dying to get back out and run. However, I know better. I am doing a 30 mile bike ride tomorrow and a fund raising 10k Friday night at the zoo here in B'ham. Maybe you need to add biking to your routine so you won't be so bored:)

Yes, a nice post to T. And don't take it personally . . . all cats hate people. It's just in their nature!


Anonymous said...

I've got to agree with Jim. I can not believe you put the same toes that I suck on, on the internet. You must be proud.

I'm on my way home and looking more forward to it than you I bet. I miss you tremendously also and can't wait to see you and the Mortons. Hopefully you won't be bored when I get back.


(for all you 30YOF fans...sorry for making you read the gushy stuff.)

John said...

Dayum! Hammer time!