May 24, 2006

BOO For Him

I know I shouldn't be blogging at work, but I just said to someone:

"I'm cutting out dessert so that I can lose 5 pounds..." (and Yes, I am fully aware that I've already been down this no-dessert path...)

His response:
"I don't think you need to lose any are very shapely"


What does that mean?

And more importantly, BOO for him and anyone else that thinks the word "shapely" should ever be used! EVER People! The word should just be taken out of the dictionary!


pinaypower said...

never listen to boys...they always use the wrong words. no matter what he said he was complimenting you, even if he didn't quite say it right. :)

my bf in high school said i was spongy once. wtf does that mean?

Anonymous said...

"Shapely" means ample boobs and ass, without being "big" and without being overtly sexual.

Liv said...

I'm pretty sure "shapely" is supposed to be a complement. It means something along the lines of "you've got curves, and you look beautiful not-in-a-starved-model kind of way". Except all nicely packed up into one word.

John said...

I imagine he was probably trying to compliment you without getting into sexual-harrassment territory.

Jess said...

I once ha da personal trainer tell me I was "aging" well. I nearly had heart failure. Men don't realize that their choice of words is so important.