May 18, 2006

16 Days People

I'm still in that, "am I really gonna do this?" stage. Maybe once everything else gets back to normal I'll start feeling like a marathon is approaching, but right now I just have bigger fish to fry (by the way, I will be so glad when T gets back because he would never let me say "i've got bigger fish to fry" and I've already said about 4 times this week...)

At any rate, I'm trying to make myself stay up late. Relay for Life is tomorrow night and since I will have to stay awake for about 24 hours, I thought I would stay up late tonight and sleep in tomorrow. Since I don't have to be there until around 3pm. We'll see how it goes. I'm usually falling asleep on the couch at 10:00 every night. It has tryptophan in it. I'm sure of it. Most of the couches I've sat on do. So, I'm trying to stay away from it by sitting in the upright position at my computer.

I am feeling better today. I felt bad this morning, but had to go into work for a meeting. Then I went back home and laid on the couch for 4 hours, and you can guess what I did on the couch. So, when I woke up I was feeling much much better. T thinks that I might just be missing him so much that it is making me sick. Maybe he's right, and I know that he will be home tonight or sometime tomorrow, so maybe that is why i'm feeling better.

Well, the 17 miles is on for Sunday. Since the Relay is tomorrow I probably won't be posting again until after Sunday's run.

Have a great weekend!

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Jim said...

first, there is no such thing is normal. There is life at one extreme, another extreme, and then the area in the middle that we are blessed to be in while we bounce back in forth between the two extremes. Some people call that normal.

I have all the confidence in the world that you can pull off the next couple of weeks. Do not question yourself or your motives. As I stated in one of my earlier blogs-the hay is in the barn. All you have to do is execute. Don't get hung up in "what if". You've done your training, you've recoverd from injury. All you have to do is go do it (sounds like a Nike ad?).

My suggestion is this-RELAX. As hard as I trained for my marathon, I thought that I had blown it the day before. In past marathons I had sat around on Saturday, doing nothing but resting. This past marathon, I spent the whole day on my feet and I ran a couple of miles. I even was drinking draft beer until 10:00 the night before and I was getting out of bed a 3:00 for a 6:00 am start. I pulled a PR by 24 minutes. go figure.

The point I am making is this: Relax, have fun, enjoy the day. Take the mystery out our 26.2 miles. There is nothing magical to it. We just seem to want to make it special. IT IS NOTHING-not in the big scheme of things. You need to reach a point of ZEN.

Repeat after me . . . it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter . . .