April 20, 2006

Teleworking, Shoes, and Other Random Thoughts

Yes, I know I said many posts ago that I wouldn't telework anymore...but I just couldn't help myself. I'm in the prime position in both of my projects to do it, so why wouldn't I??? Probably because at 1:22pm I have eaten breakfast, watched countless hours of tv, read everyone's blog, taken a nap, not showered, and certainly not even thought about getting my laptop out to start working...argh...I told myself I had until 2:00pm to get all my "yahoo, I'm home and getting paid for it" out of the way and get down to some serious business of work! So, that leaves me 35 minutes to update my blog. Yahoo!

I just can't believe that it is only 44 days until the marathon. I-just-can't-believe-it. I have been telling myself that everyday since day 50. For some reason too everyone at work has become increasingly interested in my running. "How many miles last weekend?" "How many miles this weekend?" "How many more days?" "Did I tell you that I think you're crazy?" I'm loving the attention.

Running is going well. Minor aches in my left ankle, and some new ones in my right ankle. Nothing I can't handle. I did have to learn the hard way that it's only flat, sensible shoes until the marathon. Boo-hoo! At least I'll have July to sport those cute strappy sandles. Other than that, everything is going surprisngly well. I'm still doing run/walk and getting used to it. That doesn't mean that I LIKE it, it just means that I've come to terms with what it will take to get me over that finish line. Just like the shoe thing...I've come to terms with wearing not-so-pretty shoes. My shoes and I have had a sit-down and they understand what this means for me and will stop trying to lure me into wearing them...until the marathon is over! Thanks guys. I knew you would always be there for me. [why do i keep going back to talking about shoes???]

I haven't increased my speed like I hoped. I'm still running around an 11:10 mile and can only seem to get it under 11min when I am alone and pushing it. But, honestly, I've come to terms with that as well. Speed is not my goal for this marathon. Finishing is. And I can finish with an 11:10 mile. I can actually finish with a 17min mile, so i'm good. I will finish.

T and I are running 11 miles Sunday. This will be my longest distance ever run. It's funny that I am running 26 miles in 44 days and have never run more than 10 miles before. I can thank my injury for that. I'm a little nervous about 11 miles just cause I've never done it, but I know that T will be here to pat me on the butt and tell me good job and "WALK" and other such encouraging words/gestures to finish. I like running with him. Like a little kid likes chocolate covered marshmallows. I like running with him like that. As a matter of fact, I like HIM like that.


pinaypower said...

i hear ya on the sensible shoes bit. i've been upping my mileage and find that my legs and feet KILL when i try to wear my normal 3-4 inch heels. and for someone who is 5'3" and relies on the stilettos for height, it's sad.

but i covet running more i guess!

keep up the good work!

runninturnip said...

don't worry about that 11. I too get nervous before another "i've never run this far" run but it feels SOOOO awesome when you finish!

Runner Chic said...

You will do great on your long run. My longest ever has been 15 miles. Funny how the body at some point just goes into this auto pilot stage. You have alot of mileage ahead of you. Focus on just enjoying the entire experience and you will do fine.

What are you doing about gu's or sports beans? They will process faster in your body than a sports bar.