April 09, 2006

Strong Legs

I got busted on Tuesday trying to post at work, about my drunkeness on Sunday, that caused me to call in sick on, I was posting what I thought was quite a humorous post...when...boss walks right into my cube and looks at my computer screen while carrying on face turns red as all I can see on the screen is "drunk"..."margaritas"..."called in sick"...I really don't know how quick she is and I'm flustering to minimize the screen and it's not working (Murphy's Law) so I finally just hit the close button and pretended like I was checking email...all the while, knowing that I just lost one of the greatest posts ever and that I will never ever ever post to my blog while I'm at work it's taken me all week to find 20 minutes to sit down and do this, so this will prolly be a long one (but a good one!)

First, Sunday T and I decided (or maybe it was just me...) that it would be great to enjoy the rest day in the beautiful sunshine drinking margaritas. That won't happen again until after this marathon is over!!!! 4 jumbo margaritas and 2 Mexican restaurants later, I was sufficiently drunk enough to say some really really stupid things, and sufficiently drunk enough to realize how much I missed the bathroom floor...enough about that. it was a stupid mistake and will not happen again anytime soon! (but man, did I have a blast :) I almost came home with a tattoo too...)

2nd, I missed my Monday run...well, I tried to run Monday night thinking that my hangover was long gone. It wasn't. I made it about 16 minutes in and decided that everyone on Zebulon Road did not need to see me hurl, so I headed home.

Tuesday, I was back in the game again. Went back to work, was super-productive and got in the best 4 mile run ever. T took me to this road that he had been talking about. I don't know why I didn't listen to him was fairly flat, with 2 little baby inclines but the road was virtually deserted and the cars that did travel that road were used to runners/cyclists so most got over and let us have our space. But, the more important thing was that my legs felt STRONG. Like they haven't felt in several weeks. Around mile 2, I felt like I could run forever. I was so glad to have that feeling back.

Wednesday, 3 miles on our usual route.

Oh, and both Tuesday and Wednesday we kept the pace below 11min. Yahoo! I'm on my way back :)

I should have run on Friday to make up for Monday, but I picked my nephew up from school and took him to see Ice Age 2 (great movie!) and to get a hot dog and ice cream. So, I didn't feel bad that I didn't run.

Saturday was supposed to be my long run (7 mi) but we woke up to thunder and lightening and just generally nasty weather. I did what I do best when it's raining outside, and spent the day shopping. Came home, took a nap, and woke up to sun and beautiful weather...funny how that happens. So, the best boyfriend in the world comes home and says "get your running clothes on". I gave him the obligatory salute (no, not really) and we were off. For 7 miles. That I hadn't done in over 2 months I think. I was scared and excited. He, being the best boyfriend in the world, had already measured the route out while I was napping. It was out and back and would take me on a first....I ran from one town to another...granted they weren't that far from each other, but I have never run "to another town" so I was pretty happy about that. As we are approaching 3.5 mi, I keep asking where the turn-around is and he keeps saying "just a little bit more". I was getting a little aggravated cause I thought that maybe, just maybe he had forgotten where the mark was...but no, that wasn't the case. In best-boyfriend-in-the-world style, he had gone out and marked 3.5 by placing a bottle of water and a granola bar in the bushes :) :) :) Now, do you see why I keep referring to him as BBINTW???? He always knows how to make everything just a little bit more perfect than it already is :)

So, this was a great come back week for me. I can only anticipate that next week will be even better.


Liv said...

Awwww sounds like everything is going really great, you are so on track!

Lol too bad about the work post too... you'll have to update us on your drunken antics sometime :)

runninturnip said...

sounds great, oooh, those hangovers can be nasty, I do love margaritas, although my most nasty hangovers come from red wine.

Runner Chic said...

Margaritas are wonderful... hangovers are even worse when you run. I decided to push through mine and ended up getting sick in my mouth. Now that is the WORST!! Off for a 6 miler. No snacks await me in the bushes. I will pass along that tip to my husband though. Hint..hint.

Jim said...

What a BAD girl! If you're going to drink margaritas you've got to do at least six! If you're gonna be sick, be sick BIG! It will really make you appreciate being sober and normal (or abby-normal)! sounds like you're getting back into it-good for you!