April 02, 2006

On the Road again....

Okay, well maybe it was the track and not the road, but you get where I'm going with this.

I finally finally finally got to run more than 3 miles yesterday. It was only 5, but it was a start. And I wanted to be extra-super careful so I made T run 20 laps with me around the track...good surface, flat, well reason for any reinjuries.

It was no stellar performance. All said, with one pee break in the bushes, a stop for a swallow or two of water and walking one minute for every ten minutes I ran, my pace was an astonishingly dismal 11:39. I wanted to make it in less than 60 minutes, and well, I did. But I just can't believe how much I've slowed down. Not that I was super speedy preinjury. But I was at least averaging a 10 min mile....but I guess that's what recovery is about, and I can still finish the marathon with an 11:39 pace.

The funny thing was that I FELT GREAT! I felt like I was running with my chin up (even though it was dark) and that my legs were just gliding. I really felt like I wasn't doing any work at all. It may have been the super slow pace that I kept, and I'm glad because it made me that much more excited about next Saturday. I wasn't in any pain, and with the exception of the little bit of tummy ache that I got around mile 4, I felt better than I had in weeks. I felt like a real runner again.

Recovery Running Plans for this Week:

Sun: Rest
Mon: 3
Tue: 4
Wed: Cross
Thur: 3
Fri: Cross
Sat: 7

62 Days and Counting.


runninturnip said...

Great to see you are feeling better! It can be so frustrating coming back from an injury but rewarding when things finally start to come together.
As far as being "good enough", I also am constantly pushing myself to the limit. But sometimes I just have to step back and just "be" and enjoy the moment...

KT said...

Welcome back! Great to hear your first over-3 run went so well.

Liv said...

Yay! Looks like you're back on track. Better slow and steady than fast and injured!