April 13, 2006

I miss blogging at work....

Really, I do. I have so many times the past week gone to "my favorites" and then realized that I deleted my favorite blogs and that now there is nothing but work related websites on there....and then the moment passes and I get my fanny back to's kind of like quitting smoking...have to resist the urge...urge resisted...temptation passes...i move on to something else. I'm sure in a few weeks it will all be water under the bridge and I will be able to say "I quit smoking AND I quit blogging at work..."

Running is going well this week. Ran 3 miles on Monday and 4 on Tuesday. Was only the 2nd time post-injury that I ran 2 consecutive days. For the 3 miles my pace was 10:18 and I was super excited about that...Tuesday was a different story altogether.

1st of all it was freakin hot! And I decided it would be cool to run at 4pm. And I was not properly hydrated for a hot 4 miles. And it was on base so there was alot of uneven pavement to contend with. And it had been so long since I ran out there that I ended up cheating myself on .4 miles. I knew there was a problem when i stopped my watch and it said 40:24...there is no way this girl ran a 10:06 mile...just not gonna happen...right now anyway. So, i remeasured with my car, and yep, just as i had expected...shorted myself .4 mile. So, my pace was something like 11:13. But i didn't care, cause even though I didn't regret the run, I just wasn't feelin all.

That leads me to Wednesday where I woke up with the stark revelation that I had left ankle pain...I quickly ran to the bathroom to check for any sign of cankleness...none noted, and was hoping that re-injury was averted. Went to work, wore sensible shoes and as the day progressed the pain just got worse and worse and worse. it was so weird....when I got up to go home and made the long trek to my car I got this horrible pain in my stomach. I could just feel the injury coming back. I was scared and all I really wanted to do was cry. But I didn't. I just kept telling myself that I was imagining it...even though I knew I wasn't. I came home, kept it elevated, and checked it about every 5 minutes for any sign of cankle-itis. Again, none noted. Went to bed, after T made me feel sooooooooooooooooooooooo bad about my Mortons toe. Boo for him! Note: Okay, so he was making fun of my M-toe, like he usually does, but it didn't really hurt my feelings. I know he's gonna read this and I just wanted to say Mortons toe, Mortons toe, Mortons toe...for some reason the words just gross him out. Ha!

On to today (and wow, this post is getting long!). I woke up. Laid there for a few minutes, just thinking how bad my day was gonna be if my ankle was hurting. I finally mustered up enough courage to crawl out of bed...put my feet on the ground...walked to the door...and pain....AT ALL. Where did it go? Am I dreaming? (and by the way, was I dreaming that T climbed a tree at 11pm???) I walked down stairs, made coffee, made pb&j SANDWICH (not to be confused with samich) and still no was just crazy. I went to work, and all day expected the pain to just pierce through my ankle at any time. And never. Not once. It was just crazy.

So, now I'm wondering. Maybe the pain was stress-induced? I've been pretty stressed this week with Relay for Life. Maybe it was because I ran 2 consecutive days? Or maybe I just imagined it? I'm not sure. And don't really care. I'm telling myself it was stress-induced so that I will chill out. and so far it's working. I mean look at the length of this post....this is not being posted by some girl who has way more on her plate than she should...this is not being posted by some girl who should be catching up on all the stuff she is behind on. this is being posted by a girl who loves to run. and loves the fact that running makes her less stressed out.

On a related running note, a coworker told me the other day that her 8 year old son wanted to run last weekend. So, she let him go (and followed for a time, until she had to resort to following him in the golf cart). He ended up running 3.8 miles! And he loved it. So, I volunteered (because really, this is a good thing to volunteer for) to let him run with me and T weekend after next at the MSO 5k. It's an easy 3 miles for me, and i don't care about my time for one day, and besides that it will be fun. Like a little runner in will be cute. I think.


John said...

What's a Morton's toe?

pinaypower said...

blogging at work is so convenient and often times when i'm thinking about running, but it does severely cut into my productivity of what i'm actually getting paid to do. boo to that!

and that's good news about your non-re-injury.

i wish when i was little i had a little running mentor. you've really go to feel good about that!!