April 14, 2006

I almost cried today...

At a local deli...really. I-almost-started-sobbing-in-public. That doesn't happen. Okay, if I'm drunk, it might. But I don't know what came over me. I was having lunch...alone...and so I brought the lastest issue of RW in with me...because otherwise I would have to stare at everyone else eating, and well, I didn't want to be rude...back to my story.

So, i'm having an egg salad sandwich and i'm reading the article about some ladies journey to Boston and in it she talks about how she dedicated 26 miles to 26 people. And for some reason I started thinking about that and I just got really really choked up. I started thinking who would I dedicate mile 1 to? Or mile 26? Would I dedicate one mile each to my parents, or would they both get the same mile? Would I dedicate miles to people I didn't know (like Bono or Sting?) or would I just stick with close family and friends?

I just got really emotional about it and think that I am really gonna do it. I tried to jot down who I thought should go where, and came up with a few ideas, as follows:

The first miles will be dedicated to the people who have encouraged me: "The Giving Back Miles", miles 1-6

The next set of miles will be dedicated to people that I think rock for one reason or another and should have one of my miles named after them: The "YOU ROCK Miles", miles 7-13

The next set of miles will be dedicated to peeps who I feel like need my encouragement: The "These Miles Are For You", miles 14-20

The last set of miles will be dedicated to all those people who got me there: The "Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart Miles", miles 21-26.2

I've got my list started and will post the final list over the weekend. You will want to come back, because I will include a couple of blogging friends under the "you rock" category and the "these miles are for you". [I almost feel like Ryan Seacrest or Howie Mandel when they call a commercial break right before you find who is being kicked off, or just exactly how much money is in the case....] But just to let everyone know in advance...I am dedicated mile 26 to me. Sorry. I know some of you were hoping that it would be you, but sadly I have decided that that will be the best present I can give myself...oh, next to running the thing of course :)

I have also thought that I am sure that I will not remember which dedicatee is at which mile, so logistically I'm going to have to think of a way to make sure a list is on my person...a tattoo is coming to, not really. I'll get T to think of something...he's always got the BEST ideas.

But all in all, I'm thinking that it is a good idea. It will motivate me to run that one more mile.

Will post more later :)


pinaypower said...

OMG! i read the same article and started crying too..i was in my own house though...and i too thought about who i would dedicate those miles to, and i thought that dedicating the last mile to myself is the most fitting, considering the accomplishment and the last year i've had...

Runner Chic said...

I think that is just the best idea ever!! It will be used for the two half marathons I have this weekend and next. What an awesome idea!!!Can't wait to read your list.