April 21, 2006

Coke Icee

I had a Coke Icee today. The first one i've had in years. I'm now debating on whether I will vomit now, or before my 3 easy miles I've got to hoo for Coke Icees, and my bodies inability to tolerate them.

I turned into an old lady today. I actually went shoe shopping for "sensible" walking shoes. Boo hoo for that too. I got these, only in pink, and these. [Wow! I just figured out hyperlinks!!!]

As I do think the 2nd pair are a bit stylish, and sensible at the same time, I felt a little awkard looking for shoes for comfort and not for looks...So, in my typical vain fashion, I proclaimed to every sales associate that I encountered on my quest that "I am running a marathon in less than two months, and my doctor told me that I needed to hold off on the cute shoes until it is over." Was it a lie? Sortof. Do I care? Not so much. But really I think I've done much worse that will get me to the gates of hell than lying about my reason for shoes. Really. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. And besides, at least I wasn't looking at Easy Spirits. [note to self: That was another lie and you know it. You looked at those black ES and contemplated trying them on. I know you did. I was there. That's 2 lies in one day...shame on you.]

With all that lie talk, my stomach ache has gone away. Yahoo. Off for 3 easy miles (so glad to be able to say that again...). Rest on Saturday. And 11 [whoo-hoo] on Sunday.

Have a great weekend.

PS: don't think i forgot about my list of 26 peeps I'm running for. I didn't. It just takes time people :)


Liv said...

Oh boy, yet another runner with a shoe-addiction problem. It's like the plague :) Those do look much more comfy than strappy sandals, though ;)

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

Okay, since you figured out the hyper/cyber/click on this link thingy majig, can you explain it to me??

Love the shoes.

runninturnip said...

flip flops are sensible and cute, right? As long as you don't go for the old-lady leathery reeboks in solid white you should be OK!

Viper said...

I went for the Coke and wild cherry combo Icee, myself. I alternate layers and it was like a party in my mouth but without the sick sexual inuendo.