April 30, 2006

Best Run Ever Part Dos

When I was in college, I used to see this guy I knew running on one of our main streets in our town. All the time I would see him running...back and forth...back and I finally asked him once where he was running to, or what was he running from. And that is when he told me his running route: from his apartment downtown to his sisters dorm on Wesleyan's campus. And I thought he was amazing. I thought how could anyone really run that far? He must be a super-athlete. I wondered if he had ever tried out for the Olympics. I just, well, I thought he was super cool. Well, I can now say that I'm super cool too, because yesterday I ran part of his route, added on some additonal streets and ran 13.01 miles.

Yes, yesterday T and I ran 13 (according to gmaps 13.01) miles. I still can' t believe it. And we ran it at an 11:46 pace with two potty breaks, several run/walk minutes, 2 escapades in stealing water from the Jiffy Lube, and leaving 3 hours later than when I wanted to. You see, I have this little problem of getting myself out of the house. I was motivated to run yesterday when that alarm clock went off at 6am, but by the time we got downstairs, made breakfast, had some coffee, and applied heat to my ankles/his calf, I just couldn't peel myself off of the couch where T and I sat and laughed and watched tv and talked and just had fun. I didn't want to leave that spot.

But I'm glad that we did. I don't know what exactly happened yesterday. All of the planets aligned. Or, maybe it was the proper hydration the day before, the carbo loading the night prior, the amount of great sleep that i got, the best breakfast ever (english muffin toasted with natural peanut butter and orange marmalade...yummy), the fabulous weather we are having this weekend. The fact that I actually followed all of my own rules. Yes, everything was in alignment to have the BEST RUN EVER 2. [The Best Run Ever 1 was the first day that T and I ran together...4 miles...and that proved to me that I could actually do this]. It was just-the-best. I felt great the entire time. And although my quads wanted to kill me as we ran up the last hill to T's house, I really think that my mind would have let me go another 13.2 miles. I really really do.

Additionally, I've done alot of thinking about my 26 peeps that I would run for. I've had 3 schools of thought on it:
1. I don't know if I know 26 people that I feel are worthy of having one of my miles.
2. If i lower the standards, so that I can come up with 26 peeps, than I might have more than 26 on the list.
3. I have been volunteering out my wazoo the last couple of years. Right now it's Relay for Life. Probably the worst volunteering activity I've done. There is no organization, direction, or appreciation that I can see. There is only 3 weeks left and I will be done. And I will be soooooo happy. I won't do it ever ever ever again. One of the paid employees of the American Cancer Society had the audacity to say to me "why do you let these people run all over you? do you let your boyfriend run all over you as well?" Well, that made me super-pissed. I'm a freakin volunteer. I'm one of those people who tries to do it all. And you are going to judge me because of that? And furthermore, it made me realize that I will not ever let anyone "run all over me again." When RFL is over in 3 weeks, and I tell them they have to find a new finance chair, i'm also going to add that I'm taking their paid employees advice and "not letting anyone run all over me again..." Bet they won't like that, and she'll wish she hadn't said it. (wow, I got sidetracked...) So, in summary I've been learning to say No, No, No. It's been quite easy the last few weeks, to actually tell someone sorry, can't help because I'm going running that morning. Or, nope wish I could help, but there is this really great show coming on the Food Network that I just can't miss. [where am I going with this, right??] So, it has also made me realize that I am running this marathon for me. That's right...for M-E. And it is one of the first things I've ever done solely for M-E. So, in that respect I'm not going to do the 26 peeps. Maybe on the next one I'll feel differently about it, but right now I don't want to lose sight of who I'm doing this for. And what it will mean to me when I cross that finish line knowing that I just ran the last 26 miles soley for me. It's selfish, but I think I "deserve" to be selfish. [sorry T, couldn't think of a better word than deserve]

In other unrelated running news, T and I surpassed 9 months on Friday (yahoo) and that also means that my 9 month anniversary of not smoking is just around the corner. We also graduated from Financial Peace University on Friday. Who would have ever thought that in 9 months so much would change in my life??? I wouldn't have, but I'm so thankful for all of the changes every single day.

P.S I haven't been keeping up with my blog the way I have wanted to the past couple of weeks. Life has been so busy, and I think of so many great things to write about, then forget, then remember again when I'm at work (where I've banned myself from blogging). So, you'll just have to deal with these weak updates for now.


Liv said...

You know what? I think that's a great decision. The 26 people idea is cool - but this is your first, this is your marathon. Go get it.

Happy anniversary... happy multiple anniversaries!

pinaypower said...

congratulations all around!! you've got lots to celebrate!

i had a fabulous run on saturday too! maybe the planets really WERE in alignment.