April 16, 2006

9 Miles, Solo

Yesterday was probably one of the worst runs I've had so far. I was excited to get out there. A little nervous. It was 9 miles, and I haven't done that since pre-injury. And T was out-of-town, so I had to go solo. It was hot...really really hot. And the first 4 miles took everything out of me. I did a loop so when I came back around to my car, I stopped to have some water and called T. I needed some encouragement to get back out there and finish. He encouraged, and I went. Finished in 1:46 minutes. I wanted to finish in 1:45, so I was pretty pleased with myself...and everything that it took to get there.

I learned alot on yesterday's run. I learned that 2 big glasses of water are not enough. I learned that if I'm running a long run solo, I should prolly take my cell phone (the toothless guy that I passed a few times kinda creeped me was probably the 12 pack of Milwakee's Beast he had in his bike basket that made me nervous). I learned that I run too fast when I'm listening to music. I learned that when the weather channel says "sunset is at 8:04pm" that doesn't mean that it will be dark. I learned that in GA, that even with waiting until 6:30pm to start running, it is still freakin hot. I learned that I can talk to myself and carry on pretty good conversations. I realized that I like running with a partner. I realized that I can do this.

[Deleted story about how I gave someone speeding up behind me in the middle of the road the finger. He was wrong. I probably was a little. I didn' t like the way the story sounded so I deleted it. I gave someone the finger for driving like a maniac, while I, the pedestrian, was in complete compliance with my road running etiquette...okay, so I know Miss Manners wouldn't call giving someone the finger "etiquette" but man did it make me feel better.]

Hope everyone is having a great Easter!


Runner Chic said...

Congrats on your run!! I needed to run after I decided to eat 15 pounds of candy. I am SO weak!!!

You should think about getting a Road Runners ID to put on your shoe. It list contact info in the event something should happen on a solo run.

Tonight I am going out for 8 as well. Got to work off all the junk in my system.

By the way, I am also the Yahoo girl that emailed you back earlier today. I can BLOG now. Yipee...


Amy said...

Cool! Look forward to reading your postings!

Liv said...

Ooooh, I HATE drivers like that, they are such maniacs, it's like in they're minds they're thinking: "hmm... runner... must run over her... vroooom!" and you have to wonder what the hell their problem is. Good for you for giving the finger, that driver deserved a whole handful of rude gestures.

On a happier note, congrats on the 9-miler, that's a seriously long run!

runninturnip said...

I second the finger! Some people just deserve it.
I am also NOT looking forward to this summer heat...ugh, my sympathies. Sounds like you still did a great job though.