March 07, 2006

You are cordially invited to a cast-burning party!

Yes, that's right! I got my cast off yesterday!!!! And to make matters even better, they let me get on the treadmill and RUN!!!!! Only for 15 minutes, but it was the best 15 minutes of my life...okay, so it wasn't the best...but I would put it at a close 2nd or 3rd in the top 15 minutes of my life. I actually went over my time (cause they weren't paying any attention to me) and ran 15:12, just so that I could see the distance calculator roll over to 1.5 miles...I know...I know...ocd...

So, I am cast-free and I can go to the gym all I want, but I still can only run on the treadmill at PT for at least another week...but hey, that is better than nothing...I never ever ever ever would have thought that I'd be this happy about being able to RUN! But I am. And I can't wait til I can get back out on the pavement!

In shoe-related news, my doc told me to get some new shoes...arg...I've only put 117 miles (well, now 118.5) on these, back to rfs to get some new shoes...I'm still gonna get Asics, cause well, I like them, but this time I'm gonna get Landreths because they are made on the same frame as my 2110s but they don't have as much support across the arch (he thinks that I had too much support, causing me to roll my ankles out when I run).

Hey, I forgot to mention: when T and I went to the symphony on Saturday the usher (a very delightful older lady) was asking me what happened, and I responded with "I'm training for a marathon" and we chit-chatted for a sec about my injury and then she said "well, good luck...I can tell you're a pro" a PRO....LOVE IT.

(I know that she was probably 80 and to her anyone that ran more than a mile is probably a PRO, but to me for that one moment I was the only PRO she knew, and I loved every minute of it!)


KT said...

Congratulations on being cast-free!

runninturnip said...

It is nice when people get impressed that you run, even though they don't know your a middle of the pack type. Is there any orthotic or special brace you can wear on your ankle to protect it next time? Did the doc give any tips to prevent it from happening again?

matt said...

yes...i echo the sentiment. glad to hear it is gone forever. i love your site. i, too, am getting started on a running journey and it is so nice to find others like myself and try to share some our experiences.

thanks, i will be back often.

- matt

Hilda said...

Being in a cast seems better than just waiting in other cases, it was just a short time to recover, besides you are running!!

Liv said...

Ha ha, I love people who haven't got a clue about running, because it DOES make you feel like you're a PRO! I told my friend today that I have a race coming up on the weekend (it's a 5k) and her first reaction was: "Oh wow that's awesome, is it a marathon?" AHAHAHA I don't think so hun.

Congrats on losing the cast, that run must have felt really fantastic!