March 20, 2006

Update on Back to PT

So, he seems to think that although my mind wants to run and run, and my body (ie, ankle) will tolerate 3 miles, it will not tolerate 3 miles 2 days in a row. I have to take breaks. And I have to continue to do my band exercises at home (okay, so I have to start to be able to continue, but that's another story). And I have to go back tomorrow and maybe he'll tell me when I can run again, but he thinks I might might might get to run 3 miles this week, but that's it.

I vow to be a better patient from now on. I will not bat my eyelashes to get out of something that I don't want to do. I will do my band exercises on all non-PT days even if I don't want to. will stretch before and after running and not cut it short because I'm in a hurry. I will take a walk break every 9 minutes and every 9 minutes, and not just wait until I feel like I need a break. I will run no more than every other day until they tell me I can run more. I will not run on hills until they tell me I can. I will ice down after every run even if I think it's silly and I don't need to. I will do all of this so that I can be the runner that I want to be. This is my solemn vow to my RBF friends, and friends who read this that aren't RBFers.

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runninturnip said...

Sorry that your injury is so nagging! Do be a good patient, and you will get better...