March 16, 2006

Not a good title....

Well, I started back this week. 3 miles on Sunday, 3 Tuesday, 3 Wednesday. Very very slow pace and took my 1 min walk breaks and my ice downs post run. I've got one more 3 mile run and a 5 mile run left for this first week back.

I've been feeling Ok about all of this. I don't have the wow-factor that I had 5 weeks ago (pre injury). I'm just out there running. And this morning my ankle hurt a little. And I'm just kinda like huh...i don't like the lack of excitement, enthusiasm, drive that I had 5 weeks ago. I read that article in RW this month (or maybe last...who knows) and I've forgotten what it was titled, but it was about pain being mental and how the guy had years and years of back pain that eventually was determined (by him I think) that it was more mental than anything else. And I'm worried that that might happen to me. I'm just scared that's all. And I just looked at a.maria's blog and it says 79 days until the marathon...and that makes me even more scared. And I just don't want my ankle to act up again. And I even caught myself in the car this morning trying to decide what else I could do if I had another running injury...and I shouldn't be doing that, not yet anyway.

So, this is a bummer post. I'm out there running, but that's about it. Maybe things will get better. They have to, right?

Amendment: After writing this, and re-reading it I realized that I forgot to post that T and I are volunteering for the Cherry Blossom Festival Marathon in Macon on Saturday. And our station will be the very last one! I think that this is particularly exciting as 1) we will be within walking distance from home and 2) we will be positioned so that we can see the winner cross the finish line! I'm hoping that the hoopla will be motivation for me!!!!


John said...

I was wondering if you were going to run in the Cherry Blossom, thought that given your recent recovery you might go in for the 5k "fun run".

Amy said...

No, I'm not pushing it at this point. I thought about running one that will be on base next week, because it's Wed at 1000, ie. not many peeps will enter so I thought I might have a chance at placing...but today my ankle started hurting, I don't know where I'm standing at right now....this SUCKS!!!!!!

KT said...

Take care of yourself -- you're right about not pushing it at this point. You'll get there soon enough!