March 27, 2006

My thoughts on sharing

I'm full swing into the training per doctors orders. Just sticking to my 3 miles, run-walking it (argh..still don' t like it), and doing my band exercises on the off days. I get to run 5 miles this Saturday...and i'm super excited about it. I like my new shoes and I think that she and I are going to make a good pair (they're pink so I know they are a girl). I'm not making any super-great paces but I looked at San Diego's website and you have to run a 17-18 min pace to not get yanked. I can do that. I know I can. So, not worried about that.

For some reason, now I really feel like a runner. I'm not sure what it is. Of course, lots of peeps stop to ask me about training, injury control, etc and pre-injury I was just totally excited. I wanted to tell everyone where I ran, who I ran with, how I felt, what I saw, what I listened to on my mp3 player, etc. Now, I'm just kinda like "yeah, I get to run again...." It's not that I'm not excited, because believe me I am! But it's more like telling someone that I brushed my teeth this morning. We all know I did, but who wants to hear the boring ins and outs of teeth brushing. That's kindof how I feel. I guess maybe the coolness of it has faded away. Or maybe it's just that I'm in my own world with it now and I don't want to let alot of people know that I thought I was gonna die on my 3 miles yesterday, or that I didn't feel like I had hydrated enough, or maybe the french toast for breakfast should have been skipped. And maybe I don't want anyone else to know that I spend alot of time thinking about my life and where it's going while I'm running. And maybe I don't want anyone else to know that i have become proficient in blowing snot rockets while I run and I credit alot of that to my success as a runner. Or maybe, it's just my thing now. I own it and my feelings towards it and don't feel like sharing.

Yeah, I think that's it.


Sue said...

Hi, As a beginner runner myself, it was great reading some of your blog (haven't read it all yet, but read some of the beginning bits!), its just interesting to see how other people start and stuff.

I will be back, I'm sure!

KT said...

Snot rockets, hee.

I myself have become quite the accomplished spitter. My mother would be horrified.

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