March 28, 2006

I Heart Cross Training

Who knew?? Yesterday was my first official day of cross training mandated by my doctor who not only wants to ensure that I finish that marathon, but that I also don't have to visit him anymore....okay, so I prolly made up that last part but anyhow. I really really really had a blast at the gym last night. And I usually don't. Cause I think I have ADD and can't sit still, so pumping it out on one machine, running/biking/ellipting in one place is just AGONY. Except for last night. I did 10/10/10 on the ellipse/bike/stairmaster. I was sweatin like a piggy and had the smell to prove it. But it was FUN. with a capital f-u-n. And although I get to run outside not on the treadmill this evening, I'm actually looking forward to cross training again on Wednesday. I am actually looking forward to it....funny how that happened.


jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

I heart cross training too. Sometimes more than running. (oh my, did I admit that??) I've been addicted to my Tae-Bo boot camp video's these days.

Sue said...

what is "I heart cross training"? not sure what the difference is between that and "normal cross training"!!

Anyway, glad you enjoyed it and it wasn't TOO unbearable!

Amy said...

It just means that i love cross training...but I don't have a heart difference between that and normal cross training. I've just never done it before because I hate being inside for too long :)