March 23, 2006

100 Things About Me

1. I was named after a lady on my mom’s soap opera.
2. I have one older brother and one younger sister.
3. Every one thinks my sister is the oldest and that my brother and I are about the same age…although we are really 8 years apart.
4. I’m Italian.
5. Okay, so ½ Italian.
6. But I can cook.
7. But I just learned how to a few years ago.
8. I love to eat ice cream outside when it’s really really cold.
9. And people think I’m a freak for that.
10. I used to smoke.
11. And I quit about 7 months ago.
12. About the same time I met him.
13. My parents are getting ready to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.
14. My dad traveled most of my life and that is how my parents said they made it through 3 kids and 40 years and not killing each other…it’s hard to do when one of the killees isn’t there much.
15. My favorite color is red.
16. Bright fire engine red.
17. I have brown hair.
18. Although most people think it’s black.
19. I was the snobby princess girl in high school.
20. I think I made the boys drool.
21. Or at least a few of them.
22. And I think some still do.
23. I’m pretty self-confident.
24. I love it when the season is right for azaleas to bloom.
25. I’m an accountant.
26. And have two Bachelors Degrees.
27. One in Accounting and one in Marketing.
28. I got the marketing degree because I wanted to be a shoe buyer.
29. Now I just count shoes.
30. And buy them with my own money.
31. I LOVE shoes.
32. I once owned 157 pairs of them.
33. But have downsized to roughly 60 pairs.
34. Which now includes 2 pairs of running shoes.
35. I don’t think I’m very smart.
36. But I think that I’m pretty.
37. And a pretty good dresser.
38. Especially for work.
39. I have one tattoo.
40. Of a tree.
41. The Tree of Life to be specific.
42. It covers one of my ovaries…that was just a coincidence.
43. Yes, I was drinking when I did it.
44. But I wouldn’t change it, even though sometimes I think I might eventually regret it.
45. My parents don’t know.
46. But my brother and sister do, so it’s only a matter of time before my parents find out.
47. The craziest thing I’ve ever done (besides getting married at 19) was skydiving.
48. I thought it was a freakin blast!
49. And I want to do it again.
50. I was married for 7 years.
51. I had never run more than a mile or two on the treadmill before I started training for this marathon.
52. My favorite food is a filet cooked perfectly medium.
53. Or some of the things that I cook, like pasta.
54. Or my chili.
55. I hope I have kids one day.
56. And that they turn out as well as I have.
57. I have 2 nephews and one niece.
58. And, next to T, they are my most favorite people in this world.
59. I call them Rug Rats, even though they all have real names.
60. I like beer and heath bar blizzards, but not at the same time.
61. I order my heath bar blizzards with extra heath bar.
62. If I have the package to look at, I won’t eat anything with partially or fully hydrogenated oil in it.
63. If I had my life to do over and I didn’t care about how much money I made, I would be a not-for-profit event coordinator.
64. Or a merchandiser for a dept store.
65. Because I love helping people and I love clothes.
66. Oh, and I’m super organized….more than most people I know.
67. And I’m anal retentive about things.
68. My shoes have to match my purse which has to coordinate with my outfit…even if I’m in slicky pants and a t-shirt.
69. I wasn’t a good student in high school but I managed to get good grades anyway.
70. I wasn’t so lucky in college, ie. garbage in-garbage out for the first few years.
71. But I finally graduated after 8 years and 2 degrees later.
72. I always wanted to be a teacher too.
73. When I was 5 I told my dad I was going to be a librarian when I grew up.
74. I would still be one, if I had the opportunity.
75. I don’t remember much about my Italian grandparents but I wished that I did.
76. I don’t want that to happen to my kids.
77. My dad is the youngest of 10 kids.
78. Which makes me have 33 first cousins on his side of the family.
79. Spring is my favorite season.
80. I’ve never been on a real adult vacation.
81. And I’ll be 30 in a few months.
82. I’ve worked since I was 15 and at one time (when I was married) had 3 jobs at one time.
83. If my kids try to get married at 19, I’ll lock them in a closet until they are at least 25.
84. I volunteer for Big Brother Big Sisters, and my little sister is 10.
85. I volunteer for the American Cancer Society, by being a chairperson for their annual Relay for Life Event
86. I volunteer for my local chapter association of military accountants.
87. I volunteered at a VA hospital and just went twice a month and sat with a cute little old lady and played music for her (she’s blind).
88. I haven’t been there in months and feel horrible about it.
89. Sometimes I volunteer for everything and I don’t know why.
90. Overall, I would say that I love my life.
91. And I’m glad that running has become a part of it.
92. Man, this is a long list.
93. I’m impatient about my career.
94. But I have all the patience in the world for my nieces and nephews.
95. I feel very lost as I approach 30, like I forgot to do something.
96. I love my family a lot.
97. Even though they get on my nerves a lot.
98. I always had a dream that I would find a 4-pronged pine needle on the ground and then T found on for me one day…as I was telling him the story of the 4-prong search….
99. I believe in God even though I don’t go to church like I should
100. I never knew what true love was until now, and I couldn’t be happier that I found it.


John said...

Some addenda:

35. I think you're very smart. Smarter than me, and I'm fairly certain that I'm a genius.

67. You're not anal-retentive, you just have OCD. Anyone who gets excited about cleaning products (swiffer wet-jet freak!) is a little too into cleaning.

Liv said...

Wow, how on Earth do you find time to volunteer for all those things AND have a job AND decide to work in marathon training... can you say "overachiever"? Lol, I mean that in a good way, of course.

Abhyu (Batman) said...

Wow! You really know yourself!