February 11, 2006

Nothing new

I'm bored and procrastinating on the things that I need to do today. So, what better way to continue to procrastinate but to read everyone else's blog and update mine.

hmmm....I don't have much to say though.

I did an easy 3 miles yesterday. I love saying that. I'm slated to do 5 today and 11 tomorrow. Of course, the weather is not cooperating at all. I think I can eek the 5 out today in the rain but I'm not so sure about the 11 tomorrow. And the crazy weatherman says we might have snow tomorrow...what???? I live in GEORGIA. We don't get no stinkin' snow! And besides that, why can't it happen on Monday so I don't have to go to work...cause everyone knows if it snows in Georgia everyone stays home....even if it's less than an inch...sad....

Oh, regarding my 10 miles on Wednesday....I took a route that is well-traveled and is a pretty nice area so I wouldn't get scared if it got dark. I parked at the Wal-Mart and ran to Wesleyan and back, twice. And I thought I was being soooooooooooooo safe, cause this is a safe part of town. And I've lived around here forever so I know....or thought I knew. I was sitting here Wednesday night with T watching the local news and the top story was "Two dead in Macon WalMart Parking Lot Shooting"

And so, I'm thinking it's the "other" Walmarts...the ones on the bad side of town, and then they say Zebulon Road and I'm like "huh????" This kind of stuff doesn't happen around here, and then I hear that it happened around 7:30pm...and I'm like "ummm...I was there at 6:30" and then they show the husbands car and I'm like "ummmm...he was parked right across from me" and I know this because he had his trunk open and was rummaging around in it and I got a little nervous for a sec, but then I thought he was probably just waiting on someone. Well, he was. His ex-wife. It's a sad story and she was a school teacher and her son was working across at the street at Buffalos when it happened and walked over there and saw his ex-stepdad dead and tried to call his mom...not knowing yet that she was there too. Anyway, super-sad that people get to the point where they feel like there is nothing else to do but to take someone elses (and their) lives.

Okay, now I've depressed myself...time to get back to work.


Dallen said...

That's scary.

runninturnip said...

Wow, that's scary. Sounds like a very freak thing though.